Friday, 17 January 2014

Underworld Misfits vs Asgard's Wrath

Wow, that was tense, and a damn sight more so than it should have been! Last night I played another game in the MAD league bloodbowl at my club, against an underworld team with just two games under their belts.

Having already played seven games myself and giving up 560,000 gold pieces in inducements due to the difference in team ratings between the teams I had expected that the game between my Norse brutes and the mixture of skaven, goblins and a troll would be fairly one-sided. 

Oh boy was I wrong, I won the roll to pick first turn and opted to kick first, the idea being that if I could keep the first half even then I'd have possession and the best chance to win the game in the second half.

My initial set up was probably a little cocky, placing plenty of guys on the line of scrimmage as no-one has yet decimated my defence despite the low armour of my linemen. My opponent didn't fail to knock down a single player on his first turn, and by turn two I had four men knocked (including my Yhetee!) and one in the dead and injured box.

Still, I managed to retrieve the ball and broke a pair of players free to make a run for the line, only to be stopped in their tracks when a fireball shot from the crowd, knocking them both down.

Notwithstanding that, a last desperate (one die) tackle on the skaven storm vermin charging up the wing with the subsequently retrieved ball saw him downed, with the ball scattering into the crowd, who passed it straight back onto the pitch in my half.

With only their last turn remaining, the standing storm vermin ran into the end zone and in a great display of rolling, my opponent retrieved the ball, made the pass and the catch to go 1-0 up, leaving me only my last turn to score. 

The second half therefore posed me a challenge, scoring twice while preventing my opponent from doing so. I managed to scrape enough players off the floor of the knocked out box to get a full team out, and things started well as I was able to retrieve the ball and push several players to the right wing to run interference. The goblin defence reorganised, forming a solid line of players between myself and the end zone, with only the square next to the pitch edge open, judicious blocking allowed me to deny assists and I managed to block the end goblin out of the way, leaving a beserker a free route to run in the touchdown after four turns.

Four turns left, but I was now kicking to the misfits. The ball scattered into my half from the kick off and was gifted to a goblin stood next to their troll. The Norse line caused mayhem with the skaven facing them (the werewolves and Yhetee had finally woken up!) and the troll picked up the ball carrier, heaving him over the halfway line. Sadly the poor goblin couldn't land safely, and was knocked out by the crash. 

At this point, the dice gods smiled on me and goblin after goblin was removed from the pitch. 4 casualties later, plus a few stuns and knockouts and the Misfits had only two players on their feet, my star runner had the ball and was a single square from the end zone. At this moment of course, the troll decided to go stupid, and refused to move. My final turn saw the runner step over for the score and a 2-1 victory to the Wrath, who have now extended their lead at the head of the table, and are only a single casualty behind the ugly gitz in the violent ratings.

No players scored enough points to get improvement rolls this time round, but Valtyr Osborn the runner is within striking range of a third skill and several others are now well placed for future advances.