Wednesday, 29 January 2014

War torn battlefields - where do you play your games?

Hi all, welcome to another random musing from the Burning Eye. I missed my regular painting, modelling and tactical posts this week I'm afraid as there's much going on behind the scenes at the moment, so I wanted to talk a little about gaming venues, and put out a shameless plug for the club I attend, MAD Wargaming

So let's have a think about venues then, where do you play your games and how 'finished' are the tables you play on?

I've played in many an odd place over the years, from my early days playing Warhammer on the carpeted floor of a mates house with no scenery whatsoever, through games of necromunda using just the basic terrain set that came in the box, to now, when I game occasionally at Warhammer world using their fully painted tables, and at club where we have battle mats and plenty of scenery to go with them. I also have a table under construction at home, though fatherhood has drastically reduced my available time to finish it over the last year.

So bearing all this in mind, what's my favourite? Well club is hard to beat to be honest, there are usually three or four games going on, and plenty of friends there to discuss my latest ideas on tactics (nope, that doesn't work either), future purchases or just talk wargaming with other people who understand the addiction.

So here's the shameless plug, until November 2012 I had a void in my gaming life, I still collected models, and spent many enjoyable hours painting them (and yes, staring at finished ones). But I had no-one to play against, and the only games I got in were bloodbowl matches on the laptop against an AI opponent. 

That all changed though when I finally found a local club just 25 minutes drive away. My first realisation was that everything I'd collected over the years was very much influenced by how it looked, and my first game against Andy's Adepta Sororitas resulted in only a single marine alive on the table at the end. My Dark  Eldar were similarly mauled during a league I joined early on, in fact I didn't win a game for about 5 months.

The first win brought my confidence back, but it was achieved due to a lot of re-jigging of units and weapons, my new-found experience of 6th edition beginning to show through at last.
In the 14 months since that first tentative step into the club world, I’ve played against Adepta Sororitas, Tau, Salamanders, Blood Angels, Grey Knights, Tyranids, Imperial Guard, Orks, Eldar, Chaos Marines and Chaos Daemons, something I’d never have managed otherwise, and I’ve made some great friends along the way too. Ryan who doesn’t seem to lose – ever, MJ who loves thinking up the dirtiest lists possible, Jon whose painting speed never fails to amaze me (he managed 400 last year!) and many others who’ve only missed out being listed due to me realising this sounds like some award acceptance speech.
In conclusion therefore, MAD Wargames club has expanded my enjoyment of this hobby beyond anything I’d known before, and I strongly encourage you all to search out your nearest club and give it a go.
Finally, if this post happens to reach someone in the vicinity of Asfordby near Melton Mowbray in the East Midlands (within driving distance of Grantham, Leicester, Rutland) please do check out our forum, and come along for a game on aThursday evening, anytime from 6.30, we’d love to meet you!