Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday hobby update

Hi all, blimey Monday comes round quick doesn't it!

Still, hobby update it is!

I’ve mainly been concentrating on bases this week, they’re a perennial dislike of mine, so for my Iron Fists I decided to knuckle down and just get them done in batches as much as I can.

The benefits that gives me are that a) I don’t have to do a base every time I finish a model, and b) they’re likely to look more uniform, as they’ll all be done at the same time. Given that my usual icy look wouldn’t contrast too well with the pale tones of the Iron Fists colour scheme however, I’ve decided to go more with the ruined city theme, burying bits of guns, equipment and armour into the rubble and painting them to match the buildings in my collection.

Here’s the collection so far, I’m hoping to have them done by Thursday for this week’s game against the Tau.

Nothing to report this week, though there is one club building that needs constructing – I may get around to this on Wednesday.

I spent a lot of time thinking this weekend. I’ve arranged a game against Tau for this week’s club night since I’m well ahead of the rest on my bloodbowl matches in the MAD league. 2000 points so I’ve got a bit of room to play with compared to our ‘normal’ 1500 games. I’m sticking with the normal 1500 list and trying out the sideboard style list construction I’ve spoken about a bit recently, so those extra 500 points will be tailored completely towards my particular opponent. I know roughly what he brings in his 1500 lists, and I’ve got a few ideas as to what he might add to that to make things up to 2000, so the following thoughts were on the table as to what to add in.

Devastators – the majority of Tau firepower peaks out at 36”, so it occurred to me that having some serious firepower at a longer range would be fairly safe, missile launchers would be a reliable option and enable me to adapt to whichever targets presented themselves, lascannons are similarly long ranged, but target specific (to be honest, with a riptide and likely broadsides turning up, plus probably a hammerhead they’re not likely to be short of targets). Plasma cannons and heavy bolters don’t have the range I’d be looking for though.

It's a beast, we all know it, and with AV13 to the front, the majority of Tau weaponry isn't ideally suited to taking it down, though fusion guns and the hammerhead rail rifle are certainly capable (my opponent tends to use missile systems on his broadsides). I can't help smiling though at the mess that template would make of any tau unit caught underneath it. It's drawbacks would be the time it takes to get in range giving the tau the opportunity to get behind it at the weaker armour.

Land raider
As with all the comments about the vindicator, these go double for the landy, the higher AV and the fact it's all round protection means I could guarantee getting a nasty combat unit into the tau gun line. They're pricey though, very pricey, and the basic version is best suited to elite armies due to a relatively small amount of firepower.

Land speeders
Ok I know what you're thinking, land speeders with all that S7 weaponry? Think about it though, a squadron with three heavy flamers would make mincemeat of the Tau scoring units, and they're agile enough to stay out of range until the main threats are neutralised. Their weakness though his clearly that light armour, which is vulnerable to even the basic pulse rifle.

A brace of these babies with their range and AP4 large blasts causing pinning tests could be brutal against the Tau, the main drawback being their light armour would be susceptible to a crisis suit insertion, and there will definitely be a crisis team floating around.

Assault marines – It’s a well known fact that the thing Tau armies hate the most is being hit with a sword or axe. Of course the thing they’re best at is shooting people before they get close enough. Ten assault marines could make a pretty mess in a Tau gunline, but as ever with assault marines the biggest disadvantage is their lack of AP – seriously, I know I’ve said this before but how can a chainsword have the same AP value as a Guardsman’s bayonet – it’s just wrong people – Jervis please take note! Roughly speaking, if I actually manage to charge with a full squad, they’re going to kill about six fire warriors. Yes, that’s probably enough to cause them to run and flee, but in all likelihood getting ten marines into combat is unlikely, 6 might be more realistic, resulting in 3-4 kills and that’s just not enough for my liking.

Vanguard vets – an extra attack and the chance to get weapons with actual AP values, but they’re oh so expensive.

Attack bike squadron – don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I’d love more than to watch an attack bike squadron mincing the riptide (with a little help of course). My problem as ever is that once that’s gone, I’m likely to be stuck using multi meltas to kill models that don’t warrant that sort of attention.

Terminators – would terrify the Tau I’m sure, particularly teleporting close in to their lines. There are two issues that I can see however, first is that by deep striking, I’m allowing the enemy a turn of shooting against them before they can get to grips, so would almost certainly need to be storm shield equipped to account for all the AP2 firepower that would be thrown at them, and that’s just not ideal, I’d much rather them have lightning claws. Secondly, teleporting in is notoriously fickle, and given my ace reserve rolls in my last game, I’m due for some bad luck in that area so probably wouldn’t see them till turn 4 and therefore they would be highly unlikely to see enough action to seriously damage my opponent and ‘make back their points’.

Sternguard – deployed via drop pod they would suffer the same problems as the terminators in being exposed to a lot of heavy firepower, but without the option of taking an invulnerable save. Taking them on the table at the start is an option, as they can take a longer range bolt type than standard marines, but footslogging such a unit into effective range means they’d be likely to suffer badly unless they’re protected by bikes.

Thunderfire Cannon – it’s a beast we know, mighty range and with enough firing options to adapt to any situation, there are very few drawbacks to the cannon. The main one being that it’s vulnerable to a surgical strike, but that may just be a risk worth taking as the techmarine himself is pretty tough and the gun is eminently survivable.

Chaplain – I’ve thought about trying to fit a Chaplain into my list anyway, and at 110 points to really boost the damage of my command squad it’s very, very tempting. On this occasion though I don’t think I need the extra power – that command squad should be capable of ripping through anything the Tau want to put in their way without the need for re-rolls.

Librarian – Only used one once, and he didn’t actually get to use any of his powers in that game anyway, though I have seen a telepath puppet mast a riptide quite effectively (twice, once resulting in a nova charged blast taking out my command squad!). It’s definitely an option worth investigating further I think, though he’d need a method of getting relatively close relatively unscathed due to only having a pair of wounds.

More models – Of course one of the options available to me would be to just fill the extra points with basic tactical marines, my 1500 list is fairly elite in terms of numbers of models anyway being bike mounted, so more objective grabbing units wouldn’t go amiss, the only downside to this being that I like my specialist toys too much to want to take a lot of tactical squads (of course, 25 more tactical marines is a lot of marines for my opponent to have to kill, and extra bodies to keep hold of objectives and would be the sensible choice, particularly if the game had meaning in terms of its outcome!) Drop pods and flamers would also give that Tau player what they really hate, lots of bodies close in to their lines early in a game!

Plenty to ponder then, and you’ll have to wait until the end of the week to find out what I decided on in the end, since I don’t want to give the game away just yet! Feel free to make suggestions though, I don't profess to have thought of everything.