Friday, 16 May 2014

Farewell to 6th

So that's that then, no more 6th edition games for the Iron Fists, from here on it's 7th all the way baby - I'm looking forward to it I must say, and what a way to sign off this edition, with a crushing victory over the pain loving heretics of Slaanesh. The game was 2000 points, and I decided to go for a strong defence in my strategy, taking my standard 1500 list (as amended, without the command squad!) and adding a fortification network of aegis line with quad gun, bastion with icarus lascannon and skyshield landing pad (for the 4+ invulnerable save of course against the inevitable Heldrake.

Before I go any further, I must say that my opponent didn't have the best of luck with his dice rolling, failing a lot of saves he'd have normally expected to pass.

Turn 1
I went first, having rolled the Emperor's Will as our mission. My bike squadrons leapt forward, heading straight for the chaos lines, weaving their way through the difficult terrain on the board. The multi melta on the attack bike and the icarus lascannon on the bastion both opened fire on the rhinos heading for my lines, but both missed their targets. The centurions opened fire on the defiler, stunning it, and the thunderfire cannon dropped its ordnance on the heads of the warp talons, killing two including the aspiring champion. The central bike squad opened fire on the nearest unit of cultists, killing enough to break them and make the survivors flee the table.

In the Chaos turn, the Rhinos moved forward, the nearer of the two disgorging its squad in front of the multi melta bike squad. The Warp Talons and Cultists also moved forward, and the daemon prince took to the skies. The disembarked marine squad opened fire on the marine combat squad with the flamer, killing three. the defiler shot another with its reaper autocannon, and the remaining marine failed his break test and ran.

Turn 2
My Storm Talon failed to arrive, though this may have been a blessing in disguise. the icarus lascannon on the bastion shot and wounded the daemon prince, causing it to fail a grounding test, with the resulting fall wounding it a second time. The centurions opened fire on the staggering daemon prince, killing it off and getting me the point for slaying the warlord. The thunderfire spoke again, once more targeting the Warp Talons, killing another three. The Multi Melta bike Squad shot and then charged the chaos marine squad in front of them, killing 5 with their shooting and Hammer of Wrath hits. The chaos troops struck first in the ensuing combat, but the toughness of my bikers won through, not suffering any wounds, and killing four enemy warriors in return, causing the champion to flee, though he escaped the attentions of the bikes thanks to his high initiative.

The Chaos army, in reply, brought on their Heldrake, and the icarus lascannon tried to intercept, but failed its armour penetration roll. At this point I have a confession to make - for some reason I'd set up my army without any models controlling the quad gun, so it couldn't add its fire to the bastion's sky defence gun. The Heldrake itself vector struck 3 bikers, and then flamed 4 more as it passed overhead. The survivors of the attack fled from the Warp Talons that were threatening to charge into them. The Defiler's battlecannon spoke, killing two of the bikers, and the fire from the terminator squad killed another.

Turn 3
The centurions moved into contact with the quad gun, and the storm talon arrived. This was where mistake 2 happened. the centurions hit, scoring two glancing hits with their missiles. I decided to re-roll one of these, reasoning that i had a 2 in 3 chance of doing the same or better. It was worse, and i only stripped one hull point from the giant flying turkey. I then remembered the storm talon, and its turret assault cannons stripped another hull point from shooting at its rear armour. ok, so if I'd not tried to get that penetrating hit, the thing would have been wreckage. The greatest success this turn however was the Vindicator, which launched its massive demolisher cannon shell into the terminators, killing 6 of the 7 in the squad (see what i mean about dice rolling?)

The Chaos turn began with the aspiring champion running from the board. The Heldrake vector struck the Captain's unit of bikes, though he passed all his saves thanks to his artificer armour. The flamer struck again though, causing three wounds and killing the attack bike and one other biker. The Defiler's battle cannon fired, hitting the centurions but failing to hurt them (I passed the one save I was required to make). The second Chaos Marine squad disembarked, killing the last bike from the multi melta squad. The Warp talons charged the Captain's bike unit, killing the four remaining bikes, but losing three of their own number to the Captain's sword.

Turn 4

The Storm Talon pursued the Heldrake across the table, launching a veritable fusillade of fire into its rear armour and causing three damaging hits. I watched on in disbelief as my opponent passed all three daemon saves. Thankfully, the icarus lascannon was on target this time, wrecking the Heldrake and sending it crashing to the ground. The Centurions also chose their targets well this turn, ruining the defiler. The vindicator hit the terminators again, though this time the enemy passed his invulnerable save. The quad gun killed a couple of cultists from the unit of 4 remaining, and the thunderfire cannon killed a single chaos marine. In the combat phase the Captain finished off the remaining warp talons.

The Chaos army by this time was running a little short on troops, and they surrounded my Captain as best they could, but failed to hurt him.

Turn 5
Well my opponent had only a little left on the board by this time, and the vindicator and storm talon cleaned up the marine squad. the centurions killed the last terminator, whilst the captain glanced the Rhino twice.

At that point, my opponent conceded, having just the two rhinos (with three hull points between them) and two cultists left on the board.