Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mini-game spectacular - Game 1

Hi guys,
well today i took part in a great event over in Peterborough, where five of us met up to have a day of gaming. The first two games we played as 4 player games, with one person sitting each out. The final game used all five players, with the fifth playing as a 'spoiler' defending the objectives in the centre of the table. Given the number of players, we decided not to use First Blood, as this prejudiced whoever went last. Secondly, we decided to award a victory point for each destroyed unit, to whichever army had killed the majority of that unit. Finally, we rolled off each turn to determine the player order.

So without further ado, here's a brief report of game 1, with games 2 and 3 to follow later.

Turn 1.
The Guard army took aim at the Iron Fists, and having run forward with the majority of the army, the HQ's lascannon team fired at the whirlwind, but missed its target. In return, the whirlwind launched a barrage of missiles into the Ratling squad that had deployed onto the central ruins, killing four of the five strong unit.

On the other side of the table (this was a theme, that perhaps needs addressing next time we try this, armies sharing a long table edge very rarely targeted each other) the Tau Hammerhead shot its railgun at the Helbrute, stunning it, whilst the Chaos army simply ignored any threat, running forwards heedless of incoming fire.

Turn 2.
The Guard player again went first, rolling a double one for his orders and thereby automatically passing all the others. Once again the lascannon shot the whirlwind, this time the shot was saved by the surrounding cover. The Chaos army moved next, again with everything heading towards the centre of the table, though the Helbrute missed the Hammerhead. That proved crucial to my game, as the hammerhead backed off to get a clear shot at the whirlwind, destroying it, while the fire warriors killed a cultist. In my turn, I killed the final Ratling, and wounded one of the Ogryns.

Turn 3

The Iron Fists gained the advantage this time, the Librarian's squad killing the first Ogryn. The larger squad also opened fire, killing a pair of guardsmen. The Tau opened fire again on the cultists, killing two and glancing the Helbrute. The Chaos army advanced once more, the Helbrute finding its range this time and destroying the hammerhead. The Guard went last, killing three tactical marines by shooting, and the Ogryns charged the two remaining squad members. The marines caused a single wound, with the Ogryns causing none in return, but their stubborness kept them in the fight.

Turn 4

Tau gained the initiative this time, the fire warriors killing two cultists, whilst the commander's fire was ineffective at killing any of the plague marines. The Chaos turn was very quiet, their troops advancing ominously once again. The Iron Fists were fairly ineffective this turn, killing a single model from the Guard command squad, and losing a model in the fight against the Ogryns. In return, the Guard shot at the Librarian's squad, killing the librarian and three other models (I forgot to use look out sir here, which might have affected things later on). The second veteran squad killed 2 plague marines.

Turn 5
The tail end of the game, and the Guard veteran squad killed three of my tactical marines, with the Lascannon from the HQ team and the chimera killing two more. The other veteran squad killed a single plague marine. The Tau army took aim at the cultists again, killing five as they chose not to go to ground, with the second squad killing 5 guardsmen.

The Imperial fists steadied themselves, took careful aim and shot down 7 guard veterans, though the multi melta missed the chimera. Finally, the Helbrute charged the nearest fire warrior squad, killing one, which was enough to see them fail their morale test and be run down.

Turn 6

The final turn, and the Chaos Marines went first, the lord killing a guard sergeant in a challenge, while the Helbrute charged the second fire warrior squad, with the fire warriors running again, though this time the Helbrute failed to keep up. The Iron Fists tactical squad claimed the nearest objective, while the multi melta marine charged the remaining guardsman, killing him. The Tau commander exacted a measure of revenge, wrecking the helbrute, whilst the guard Chimera killed the multi melta marine, and the Ogryns charged the tactical squad on the objective. 1 wound apiece meant a drawn combat, and the end of the game, with the contested objective meaning I was tied in third place with the Tau, Chaos beating the Guard army to the win.