Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Mini game spectacular - game 2

So here's the battle report for game 2 of the three played on Saturday, this time the four players were Marines (me), Tau (Pete), Guard (Mark) and Guard (Matt). I started opposite Mark's Guard, who had caused me so many problems in the first game, and I was determined to exact my revenge on them, even if it meant losing the game.

Turn 1
Marines - everything moved forward this turn, running to establish a solid firing position behind the wall in front of my deployment zone. The whirlwind let fly, but as it was firing blind, the missiles flew wide of the target.
Tau - the hammerhead and fire warriors opened up on the guard army opposite, but the hammerhead missed the punisher, and the fire warriors only managed 4 casualties.
Guard (Matt) - the Master of Ordnance called down a barrage that crashed to earth amongst the fire warriors, killing 4, and a fifth was shot down by one of the master's snipers. Eschewing the infantry-shredding power of the punisher cannon, the leman russ fired its hull mounted lascannon at the hammerhead, glancing the skimmer.
Guard (Mark) - the veteran squads and ogryns moved forwards while the ratlings worked their way into a better firing position (ok, so actually Mark forgot to place them during the infiltration phase, and didn't remember to bring them on until turn 4). The five nearest veterans were in range to fire on the marines, killing one, whilst the heavy stubber from the chimera brought down another.

Turn 2
Guard (Mark) - The Ogryns and Guardsmen Veterans all moved forward, and the chimera once again opened fire, this time killing the multi melta.
Guard (Matt) - The guard fire this turn was a little less accurate, the master of ordnance calling down a barrage that missed the table, the rest of the HQ squad also missing the target, as did the lascannon in the punisher. The guardsmen did manage to kill 3 more fire warriors however.
Tau - the fire warriors advanced on the guardsmen, killing 6, whilst the hammerhead missed the punisher once again.
Marines - The Librarian successfully manifested himself into the mind of one of the Ogryns, forcing him to open fire on the nearby guard squad, killing two, whilst fire from the plasma squad killed the Bone 'ead. The Whirlwind also fired on the veterans once more, this time landing more or less on target and killing three, though they passed their subsequent morale test.

Turn 3
Guard (Matt) - Combined fire from the punisher and guard squads took their toll on the fire warriors this turn, killing 13 of them, whilst the master of ordnance managed to immobilise the hammerhead.
Guard (Mark) - The fire of the guardsmen this turn managed only to kill a single tactical marine.
Marines - Concentrated fire this turn saw the second of the three Ogryns felled - these guys are seriously tough to put down in this level of game!
Tau - the hammerhead fired on the punisher once more, this time scoring a hit, and glancing the Gue'La tank. The HQ in his crisis armour killed a single guardsman, whilst supporting fire from the fire warriors broke the squad.

Turn 4
Marines - this looked like a landmark turn for the Marines in their fight against the guard, as they first killed the last Ogryn, broke a veteran squad, and then immobilised the chimera.
Guard (Matt) - Everything moved towards the objective, with the exception of the master of ordnance. Calling down a storm of fire on the remaining Tau, the fire warriors passed 6 saves against the guardsmen, though the punisher cannon once again took its toll, wiping them out. The Master of Ordnance called down another barrage, this time on the marines, though it scattered off target.
Tau - the hammerhead missed, but the commander took aim and killed a single guardsman in an act of defiance.
Guard (Mark) - the broken veterans were ordered to get back in the fight, and the other squad closed enough on the whirlwind to destroy it. Things didn't continue quite so well however, as the lascannon in the HQ's Chimera hit but failed to wound the librarian.

Turn 5
Guard (Mark) - all the guard fire this turn could only muster a single marine kill.
Guard (Matt) - the gaurdsmen finished off the Tau commander, whilst the master of ordnance again missed his target.
Tau - the one remaining model to the Tau spoke out, the submunition round in the railgun killing 6 guardsmen as they ran for the objectives.
Marines - the marines fire this turn focused on the veteran squads, wiping out one of the them and reducing the second to just a single member, though he passed his break test.

Turn 6
Tau - the hammerhead killed another two guardsmen, but they passed their morale check and held onto their position.
Guard (Matt) - the master of ordance again targeted the Iron Fists, perhaps thinking they posted the biggest threat to the central objectives, and the resultant explosion killed two.
Guard (Mark) - the killer turn. no hope of claiming the objective, nor of seriously threatening any of the remaining armies, they nevertheless managed to pin the librarian's unit, and broke the second tactical squad.
Marines - ouch, that last turn hurt, the librarian's unit could no longer hop over to the objective and claim it as it was pinned, and though the survivors of the other tactical squad regrouped, they had already fallen back too far to collect the objective.

And so that was that, second place to the Iron Fists and although very little remained of his army, Mark had once again scuppered any hope I might have had of winning game 2.