Monday, 12 May 2014

What's new on the painting bench?

Morning all, hope you had a great hobby weekend! As you may have seen, I spent Saturday playing a 500pt series of games with friends, the report from game 1 is done, and games 2 and 3 will follow.

I figured however that I'd do a painting update as I've missed the last few. Well first off, I finished all the models I would be using on Saturday (except the librarian's backpack and base) by about half eleven on Friday night, and you can see their gathered glory above. Here's a better picture of the whirlwind, which seemed to create a lot of worry in my opponents on the day, only surviving 1 match.

So with those finished, where next? Well I've been doing lots of work recently, stripping down my old marine models and getting them sprayed ready for becoming iron fists, even play testing a few types of squad. Consequently I've been left with a dilemma. 

Which squad to work on next? My options were:
1. Centurions - I use them in almost every game, so they'd make the most of a paintjob, and I've already got one well on the way.
2. Aegis line - I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago, and again have done a bit of work on it. I don't always use them though, so I might just keep it as a side table project.
3. Bikes. I've got 4 bikes finished, with 12 more to do, plus 2 attack bikes, and as these form the basis of my normal list they're pretty important. 

I plumped in the end for the less fun but more necessary bikes, trying to get a squad finished, and here's the progress I've made from the first hour's work!

Till next time, keep fighting, and keep winning!