Monday, 30 June 2014

Coming together nicely...

Hi all, well I promised to have the Centurions finished by this week, and they are. This is a picture of the 1578 points of Iron Fists I have got completely finished so far (bar the odd couple of bases).

Here are the centurions themselves, in detail.
 All the lascannons are magnetised so I can rotate them out for the odd game when I might want to turn these guys into grav cannon devastators or assault centurions.
 Here's the Sergeant, with a more elaborate helmet and the omniscope array projecting above the shoulders
 This is my favourite pose of the three, striding forward ominously.
And the final model - one set of missiles appears to have gone walkabout but I'm sure they'll turn up soon.

These guys were really fun to paint, round the back of the model you can really see the detail of how the marine stands within the centurion suit, and whilst the models are not very poseable due to the various connecting rods and pipes, there's a nice mix of armour colours and metallics to apply.

So having finished the Centurions, what was I going to paint next? Well, there's a model been sat in my model box for a while that was just screaming out for a paint job, so here he is.
The helmet is taken from Ivanus Enkomi, forgeworld's minotaurs chaplain, and a few bits from the Dark Angels Ravenwing sprues

With that finished then, what would I get round to next?

Well the list awaiting a paint job is long, and I really should get the second bike squad finished, but I just couldn't resist painting a few of my favourite marine models, the tactical terminator squad (even if they're not all that effective at the moment)