Tuesday, 17 June 2014

It's in the mail!

Morning all, I'm very excited this week, as over the weekend with eBay sales and a clear out of DVDs I manage to raise enough cash to do two things, buy some dice to match the iron fists (I'm a sucker for having faction specific dice!) and more significantly, purchase the first three models of my secret painting project, The Revenant. Now I know I've promised some clues from this before, but I wouldn't want to give too much away too soon, so today's clue is that the army incorporates rules from a data slate.

Right, so enough of that, what have I painted this week? Well I've not made huge progress I'm afraid, a couple of brief lunchtime sessions is all I managed until last night, as the weekend was taken up with Fathers Day stuff.

I have however made some progress with the centurions, getting the top layer of blue finished on them all ready for the gold layer and highlights, here's a picture.

I've promised myself to have these done for you for next Mondays update and I've got a big chunk of time on Saturday set aside for the task, so hopefully next week I should have something new on the bench to look at.

Here's the list to choose from...
Bike squad 2
Two razorbacks
Land raider
Sniper scouts
Assault marines
Librarian 2
Terminator captain
Bike chaplain
Tac squad 3
Aegis line

Any suggestions anyone?