Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Re-lighting the fire

Hi all, hope you're well - today's random musing is inspired by some work i've been doing recently on a project that had sat on my shelf for a while. What I'm going to be talking about is re-kindling the love for something you've put to one side for whatever reason.

We've all been there, a new codex is released, you look at all the new models and really wish you had them, you think up a great paint scheme and start plotting the downfall of the minor races of the galaxy, whose generals will fall at your feet and marvel at your magnificence as you scatter all opposition before you.

That was exactly how i felt when i picked up the Necron codex a couple of years ago - i even had half a day off work to go and buy it and read it cover to cover in a cafe before heading to the cinema with friends in the evening. My Necron legions would be unstoppable - the forces of Phaeron Sobekhotep would once more bestride the star systems in their rightful place at the top of the food chain.

Sadly at that point, real life kicked in, reminding me that I had a 3000+ point force of dark eldar to be painting, and whilst Necrons would be a nice next project, they weren't top priority. Since then of course the new marine codex release has seen me completely re-hash my space marine collection, which was extremely dated (in terms of choice rather than models).

Last November however I finally persuaded my work colleagues to put the money from the usual whip round into some GW vouchers, and when i put that all together with birthday money from other sources I found I could at last start that Necron collection and buy a decent chunk to start. Then the 'It's War' campaign started at my club, and I knew there was no way i could get a large enough Necron force together for it, particularly as I had never played a game with them (and I was on the side of good anyway!). Consequently the Necrons got put aside, with the only bit of work being a solitary test model of my thoughts on a colour scheme. It didn't work, I wasn't able to replicate the marble texture i wanted, so i concentrated on the iron fists instead.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't regret in any way putting the Necrons aside - if I had ploughed on with that colour scheme I'd have been disappointed every time i put them on the table, and the Iron Fists have brought me success on an unprecedented scale in my gaming life.

At the weekend though I picked up my brush and just didn't want to paint any more fenrisian grey or gehenna's gold. The bloodstone Knights are waiting for their new codex (hopefully later in the summer) so wouldn't be coming just yet, and my secret project (more on this later) could wait a while.

My eyes rested upon the box marked 'Sobekhotep dynasty'. Hah, some dynasty at present, a handful of special characters, one unit of 5 immortals and a triarch stalker. Wait a minute, that stalker model is amazing, why have I not painted it?

So out it came, and i put on my thinking hat for a colour scheme. I'd bought several pots of different shades of blue when trying out my original scheme, and didn't want to waste them, so decided the energy sources would be blue, the cold colour representing the icy necron intelligence nicely in my mind. But how to contrast that? I'd tried a darker blue tone before, and decided it was entirely too much blue, and recently I've had cause to buy a pot of Khorne Red, which I really liked, but was only using sparingly. bingo, a khorne red base with blue energy spheres encased in copper conductors, and i decided to liven it up by representing the energy spheres discharging crackling bolts across the quantum shielding of the stalker (yes, I have read the fluff, I know it's not meant to exist until it's required to deflect something but I couldn't resist painting some lightning types patterns, i'd been talking about them with Ryan from MAD Wargaming the weekend of the new edition release and it had got into my head).

So there you have it, the part complete stalker above is the first of the Sobekhotep dynasty to be revived - what do you think?

Now as for the secret project I mentioned earlier - clearly I can't mention too much, otherwise it wouldn't be very secret, but I will say this - they leave few survivors, and those who have lived to tell their tale simply call the The Revenant. The colour scheme is one I've not tried anything like before, but I'm pretty confident of it working. There will be copper, there will be steel, there will be gold. And there will be death...