Monday, 2 June 2014

That's enough blue and gold for a bit!

Morning all, finally got those bikes finished, as you can see above, so here's this week's painting update.

Of course, having slogged hard in my available time last week to get the bikes finished, it was inevitable that on Thursday when I planned to use them, I got all the way over to my club before realising that they were still sat in a bag in my garage! Still, I managed to cobble together a 1500 point list, and thanks to a last turn burst of speed from a razorback, managed to claim the central objective to win my first proper carnage game. In fairness though, much of the credit must go to Toby, who dropped Belial in amongst the grey knight/ultramarine alliance to hold them up for most of the game.

With a busy weekend planned, I didn't get to sit down at my painting table again until last night, when I figured I'd had enough of gold highlights so started something different - I found my fledgling Necron empire in a box, with it's paint scheme I was largely unhappy with, and began working on something new. Here are the fruits of my labours so far, but with a few hours free this week look out for more progress on them next week.
The red in the photo is much brighter than in real life, and I'm planning on adding plasma 'crackles' along the armour from the power spheres to really liven them up.