Thursday, 12 June 2014

The task ahead

Hi all, time for another random musing (I know, I missed my tactical post this week I'm sorry) and this one was inspired by one of my clubmates.

How often do we sit down and actually take stock of what we have for any particular army? Sure, I use a variety of stuff in games and I have my general all comers lists, but how often do you actually sit there and assess what options you have, and what could you take if you wanted to? I do it very rarely, but with unbound lists becoming an option under 7th edition rules, what's to stop you taking your whole collection in one big almighty apocalyptic clash? Nothing except your imagination, that's what (oh yeah, time and opponents, but you get my point).

With that in mind then, here's my complete collection of iron fists models, some painted, most not. There's plenty more needs to be added to this too, with no storm ravens, no drop pods, only one dreadnought etc. enjoy! And for the record, it's about 5600 points.