Monday, 21 July 2014

A little gift before I go...

Hi all, I'm off on leave for a week tomorrow, so here's just a quick update on what I've been doing recently.

After the close call against Ryan's guard last Monday, I played the new orks on Thursday in the form of MJ's first test list with the new book. It largely consisted of two flyers, a war boss and nobz mob on bikes, lootas, burnas, 4 trukk mobs and some artillery.

I took a defensive list I've been working on, with three full tactical squads, a sternguard squad, two full assault squads, storm talon, centurions, stalker and two librarians, behind an aegis wall with tangle wire in front to cause a few casualties even as the enemy charges in.

The game went really well, with a few new elements from 7th edition showing through. One librarian managed to manifest flame breath, which hit two trukks and killed 6 boyz.

There were two key things that swung the game my way though, first was the terrain, which prevented my opponent from getting into combat as a group, and second was the mob rule in the ork codex, which meant that his trukk mobs, which weren't huge in terms of numbers, took casualties every time they failed a morale test, which really kept me in the fight better - larger mobs would not only have caused more casualties, but could also absorb them better.

On Sunday I went to the 40k open day at warhammer world and took in a couple of seminars with the boss Phil Kelly, Jes Goodwin, Jes Bickham and Robin Cruddace. These were really interesting, particularly illuminating was the message that came across loud and clear that releases from now on weren't going to be complete ranges, but would be focused on a section of the army, like meks in the recent ork book (speedfreeks were mentioned a few times as suitable for a supplement! but whether that means they're working on it or that they're not and therefore it was a safe subject to mention I'll leave up to you to decide).

Finally, I managed a bit of construction last night, with these guys being the fruits of those labours, this is going to be the Iron Fists honour guard for when I want to go full assault.
They are now undercoated, waiting for a paint job when I get back from Majorca.