Thursday, 27 November 2014

Countdown to blogwars 9

Hi all, hope you're all doing well!

So what do I have for you today? Simple really - the start of a 'new' project! 

When I started playing 40k again back in 2012 some of the guys at my gaming club were keen for me to go along to some tournaments with them. I'm finally getting on board with that, and I've targeted blogwars 9 in June next year as the date for me to enter competition play.

There's one problem though, I want to use my dark eldar. Which are currently sprayed black. 

Blogwars is an 1850pt tournament, so in order to get everything done I'll need to average 310pts painted per month between now and next June if I'm to have everything finished. That, for me, is a massive target, because I don't like skimping on painting things properly just to get them finished.

My planned army list has a lot of raider chassis in it, so I'm really going to need to speed on with those, but I also don't want to get fed up of painting them, so I'm going to spread them across the months. I need a detailed plan!

Here is the list of stuff that needs painting:

5 raiders
2 ravagers
2 venoms
1 razorwing
30 kabalite warriors
10 scourges
2 medusae
3 sslyth
Urien rakarth

So month 1 (dec) will be
Razorwing, archon and raider (390pts)

Month 2
Urien rakarth, 10 warriors and raider (295pts)

Month 3
10 scourges, Ravager (365pts)

Month 4
10 warriors, ravager, raider, venom (345pts)

Month 5
10 warriors, archons court and raider (315pts)

Month 6
Raider and venom (140pts)

As you can see, I've weighted everything towards the earlier part of the project period, leaving me (hopefully) less to do in the month before the competition. There's two very good reasons for this. First, I don't expect to complete all of this on schedule every month, and second, I do t want to leave myself rushing in the last week to finish if I can avoid it.

You'll also notice that I've separated the units out so I'm never painting more than 10 infantry models in a particular month - that's again a very deliberate plan because I think all the highlighting on infantry models takes substantially longer than painting tanks.

So here's hoping everything goes according to plan, and hopefully I'll have progress to show you on the razorwing on Monday!