Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Finished incubi, and talos almost done.

Hi all I'm a day behind on my posts this week, so here's the painting update!

I've been working on my dark eldar recently as you may recall, but last week I had a bit of a nightmare. In varnishing the finished warrior squad and ravager, the varnish frosted as it dried (my fault, I shouldn't have left it in the cold garage to dry overnight).

So almost all of my collection is now black undercoated once more, and I'll be posting up some pics of my new colour scheme soon, once I've got some new paints for it!

As you can see above though, the Incubi are finished and will be staying that colour (their armour is shrine-specific so they're not going to be in the same colours as the kabalite force).

Another force that's staying in their current colours is the coven units, and the first talos is almost finished, another hour or two will see it completed.
See you tomorrow!