Sunday, 9 November 2014

Kabal of the Burning Eye take on the Night Lords

Hi all, here's only my second ever effort using Battle Chronicler to put together a proper set of battle report maps, this one slightly better than my first attempt!

Last thursday night I play a chaos marine army with my developing Kabal of the Burning Eye list. 
In brief, this comprises a solid board presence on turn 1 of 2 Talos and two Ravagers, as you can see deployed above to give me solid board coverage on turn 1. This is then supplemented by two warrior gunboats, a succubus with grotesques in a raider, a razorwing and a unit of scourges with haywire blasters.

I was facing a solid chaos list, albeit without the usual horde of cultists. A predator, Forgefiend, Sorceror with a 5 man squad in a rhino, 5 noise marines, and 2 5-man squads were deployed on the table, with a heldrake, 3 obliterators and 5 raptors in reserve.

Deployment made it clear my opponent was trying to keep things tight, conscious that he had a limited number of models on the board and limiting his exposure to fire. 

So turn 1 I had to reposition, limiting my fire. Bottom line is that the ravager that stayed still failed to damage the forgefiend, the talos and the second ravager both moved in the shooting phase.

Opening salvo part 2 and the predator, plasma squad and forgefiend all opened up on the talos. One died to the storm of fire, but they are fearless so I kept them in the game.

Turn 2 - only my scourges failed to arrive, which was a shame as there was plenty of armour for them to target. In the end, I didn't really need them - the ravagers, remaining talos and the lances from the raiders combined to take down both the forgefiend and the predator, and other fire wiped out the marine squad in the ruins, killed 3 noise marines and two of the plasma squad. Ouch. I think it's fair to say that everything went right for me in this turn!

In response, both the Heldrake and the Raptors arrived, the Heldrake wrecking the razorwing with vector strike, though two of the raptors died as they landed in the dangerous terrain of the ruins. The Rhino carrying the chaos warlord revved forward, shouldering the remains of the predator out of its way. The heldrake, having destroyed its primary target, was then out of position to hit anything with its baleflamer in the shooting phase (cue deep sigh of relief)

Turn 3 and my succubus and the grotesques disembarked to charge the raptors, and the Talos moved aggressively towards the Warlord's Rhino. The Ravagers hit the Rhino with several lances, causing two hull points to be lost. In the assault phase the grotesques proved entirely superfluous except as meat shields against the flamers on overwatch, as the Succubus flayed the three raptors before they even had the chance to strike back.

The warlord and his unit disembark, with the sorceror trying to cast psychic shriek as the Heldrake crossed the board to flame the ravager, causing a hull point to be lost. The psychic shriek failed to get through, as I passed my deny the witch roll. The Plasma squad managed to cause a wound on the Talos however.

The scourges arrived, and claimed the relic as they hit their target. The plasma squad was wiped, and the rhino finally brought down, while two of the Warlord's squad were brought low. In the assault phase the succubus pulled off the same trick, killing both noise marines before anyone else had the chance to strike. The Talos however failed his charge against the warlord and his unit (such a shame, with only one wound remaining I had high hopes of taking him down).

Chaos Turn 4 and the Obliterators arrived, taking down a raider. In the psychic phase, the sorceror manifested psychic shriek again, and having rolled three sixes for my leadership test I very nearly took the Talos off without bothering to roll for Feel no Pain. In resignation I let the dice roll and watched astounded as six of the eight passed. Such a shame he'd only got two wounds left by that point! The Heldrake took out four of the scourges, though the survivor (who had the relic) managed to pass his morale check.

With very little movement needed, I managed to take a hull point off the Heldrake, which was now hovering, and put two wounds on the obliterators. The scourge with the relic took cover in the ruins. 

So what became the final turn, the Heldrake finally decided to target one of my gunboats with its Baleflamer, though it was too little, too late. The melta marines in the warlord's unit took down one of the ravagers.

And that was that, as the dust cleared it became obvious that I'd won - the scourge still had the relic, I'd scored first blood and had several units in my opponent's deployment zone. In contrast, my opponent could only claim linebreaker for a single vp.

So what did I learn from this game?

Well I'd tweaked my general list from my previous game, bringing in a second ravager and some toys in place of a unit of reavers, and I have to say that it worked really well. The second ravager gave me much better board presence in the early game, and contributed hugely to that devastating turn 2. The other toys were a bit superfluous, mainly again because of that second turn - they might have come in handier had that not been the case!

I was surprised my opponent didn't go for my gunboats with the heldrake, though I can imagine he wouldn't have wanted the razorwing buzzing around the board unopposed. 

What may be significant though is that it might be prudent to look at getting a Cronos into the list, as the 4+ FnP would make a big difference.

Till next time - I've got an interesting painting progress for you tomorrow!