Monday, 17 November 2014

The Talos approaches

Hi all! So a week on from my last update, and this week I've managed to resist the temptation of getting work done on the wraithknight, focusing instead on the Talos I'm working on for a club painting competition.

For the competition, I'm painting it up with the ichor injector and haywire blasters, as those will be my go-to load out for most games. I've been working on ideas for the background of my Coven units too, and as such this talos will be called 'The Agony' with a view to calling the cronos in a dark artisan formation 'The Ecstasy'. My haemonculus is also going to be specialising in torture and improvement of tyranid bioforms, so I've painted the armour plates to mimic the common style of detailing chitin - it's quite subtle but I think it works well.

My only concern so far is that the fluid pipes are quite bright, but I was pleased with the idea that the vials injecting stimulants contain a yellow fluid, which mixes with the blue bodily fluids (The Agony also uses Tau genetic material) to create a green reservoir for the ichor injector.

Here's the latest pics!