Monday, 8 December 2014

Razorwing, Archon and Raider painting progress - Blogwars 9 project!

Greetings one and all - welcome to this week's painting update! Now I've been a bit naughty and posted teaser pics of these units on other sites I have a presence on (namely The Dark City and MAD Wargames) but here are all the pics in their unadulterated glory...

So first up, here's my Archon, Ylos Dalur, (Background fluff). He's pretty much finished barring a couple of highlights and the biggest puzzle at the moment - the helmet on the base!
I want the helmet to be that of a Chaos Marine but it needs to be striking enough to set off the armour and paint job for the archon, I don't want it to just blend into the background.

Ordinarily I'd simply paint it in the colours of one of the relevant armies used at my club, but in this case the only chaos armies I tend to face that are painted are black legion (not exactly the most visual of colour schemes) and night lords (and I'm not convinced their particular brand of blue would work too well).

At the moment, I'm thinking that an original Sons of Horus (Dark turquoise/green) colour scheme would look pretty sweet, without going too far over the edge of being bright or clashing with the rest of the model - what do you reckon?

So to follow on from that then, I've made a bit more progress on the Razorwing since I last posted pictures. This is mainly in the realm of gems and metallics, but here's the current state of progress.

The metallic areas are pretty much done and finished, with just a few gems to do and power glows to highlight.

The gems are about halfway done, I've done two layers but will be adding a third highlight just as soon as the paint arrives, and the white glint to the rear of the gems needs adding also.

The main area of work on this models left to do is the scrollwork around the armour panel joins - I finished the raider on Saturday night but couldn't then face doing all of the razorwing in the same session!

Speaking of which, here's the model closest to completion from this month's list - the Raider.

The blend on the sail is done using drybrush techniques (I still can't get my head around wet blending for some reason - an enduring frustration of mine - I guess one day I'll have to bite the bullet and pay someone to teach me!) whilst the other elements are all layered more traditionally. I'll post up a tutorial on the colour scheme next month when I get round to painting my first warrior squad and second raider, but for now let's just say it looks more complicated than it is!
I'm really pleased in particular with how the scrollwork and web design go together - when I envisaged it in my head I was a little concerned that the model would look too 'busy' with essentially two feature patterns on it, but I think the colour used for the scrollwork (which is also the same colour I've used to drybrush the whole of the model) is subtle enough not to clash, whilst the web design has enough depth of colour to it that it is clearly visible but doesn't dominate the model.

So to finish, the raider needs the skull and spike ornaments washing and highlighting, all the gems need either painting from scratch (I missed a few first time round) or finishing off, and the base details picking out (I'm thinking Sons of Horus helmet again, might as well be consistent across the army eh?)

So what do you all think, worth the change? I'm pleased so far but as ever I'm always happy to hear suggestions as to how I can improve things.