Monday, 1 December 2014

Week 1, Month 1 DE Blogwars project

Morning all, hope you're all feeling better than me today!

Still, today is day one of the first month of work on my 1850pt army for the next blogwars tournament, so i thought I'd share my progress (i got a bit of a head start yesterday on month 1's painting list). The pic above is the basecoat of the razorwing, I've since added a drybrushed second layer, and started adding the detail to the armour panels, latest pic as below:

In the background of that picture I'm sure you've also noticed the Archon I'm working on - there's a bigger picture to follow.

I didn't want the armour of the archon to be the same colour exactly as the razorwing, but rather than go deeper I decided that actually pale armour on the warriors and archon would look pretty cool. Keeping the 'cool' theme, but still wanting to include a spot colour to draw the eye from the fairly neutral purple, I decided to go with a vivid blue.

I really like the contrast this gives the purple and it also gives a nice spot colour. Next step therefore was to figure out the metallics to use. I didn't want to use a pure silver, seems a little dull for the ultimate race of indulgents, so I'm planning on using a brass effect instead, the picture below only shows the base colour though, the final finish will be toned down quite significantly.

So that's it for now, hopefully I'll have plenty more done for next time!