Monday, 22 December 2014

Week 3, month 1 Dark Eldar Blogwars 9 project

Hi guys,
so no posts at all last week (thanks Papa Nurgle!). Hopefully on the mend now so today here's an update on month 1's painting progress for the Blogwars 9 project. 

It's going well, both the Raider and the Archon are completed (see pics below) with just the missile gems and the base of the razorwing to finish.

So with all that progress, and my work box too small to take the razorwing (I paint in my lunchbreak, but the razorwing doesn't fit in the box I take with me) I decided to get a head start on next month's list, with the warriors coming on really well. I'm hoping that will enable me to get a bit of a headstart on some of the later months models too, since one month in particular is looking very heavy.

Month 3 - February
Month 4 - March - this is the one that's worrying me at the moment - there's a lot to do here so hoping to be able to get at least one tank ahead.
Month 5 - April
This looks worse than it really is - because I'm still undecided at the moment whether to take the grotesques or the court of the archon so I've included both in the picture.
Month 6 - May
Here's my secret weapon - this is a really light month so if I get behind I should have time to catch up this month.

So I bet you're all thinking 'what does all that look like together?'

No? Well I'm going to show you the pics anyway!

I'm planning on updating this last picture each month to keep me focused and motivated as I see more and more of the army taking shape and being finished off.

This isn't all of my Dark Eldar collection either, on top of what you see here I've got 10 Mandrakes, 5 Wracks, 18 Wyches, 9 Incubi, two more venoms, 9 reaver jetbikes, 15 Hellions and 2 Talos and another 10 warriors (and counting - I'm really looking to expand the coven side of my army this year)

Till next time,