Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Building a modular terrain table

Hi all, welcome to my 'sporadic' post series, Terrain Tuesday!

I figured starting a blog series would help keep me motivated, as whilst I have a partially finished table in my garage, it's warped pretty badly and isn't capable of being stored away, which was the original point.

Now my terrain pieces were intended just to drop into the board on 12" square bases, and this got me thinking - why bother with the main board, I could just build up the whole board using those 12" square pieces. 

So I painted up the bastion you can see above (well, it's not quite finished yet) and got planning the parts I wanted.

My first point of call therefore was a firm who make vacuum moulded scenery pieces called Amera (Amera.co.uk) that I've used before.

I liked their trench system and as luck would have it, it's based on them being a foot long, so would be the perfect size. Added to that would be a few GW pieces, the bastion and skyshield I already own, and the imperial sector box that I hope to buy in the summer.

A couple of drafts later and here's my planned layout.

Hope that makes sense, but it basically represents a war torn city, buildings demolished by shell fire with a trench system separating districts and various fortifications erected to overlook and protect it (or defend against it).