Friday, 9 January 2015

How to paint purple - the Burning Eye way

Hey all, since I started re-painting my dark eldar Kabal, I've had loads of comments about the purple (well, a few. Ok two) and how I go about it. So here we go - my recipe for purple. Or more specifically the various different purple that I use (and yes, there are three different mixes here).

First off then let's look at the vehicles. So the three different purples are applied to these areas:
1. The sail.
2. The pilot and gunner.
3. The armour panels and sail support assembly.

Let's start with the sails, as they're actually pretty simple. By sails I mean the section between the booms. Now I've never been very good at blending, so I needed to come up with something a bit different, as i really didn't want to go about it by layering this time (I always have before).

So the sails start with with the darkest purple in the games workshop range, Naggaroth Night. This is applied normally to the whole sail, and provides the base that just covers the edges of the sails you can see in the picture above. Everything else is done with drybrushing (a lot of drybrushing!). Start out with Xereus Purple, with a fairly light drybrush over most of the sail, getting heavier in the centre. Over this I drybrush Genestealer Purple, in a smaller section and then finally I drybrush the edge paint Dechala Lilac to provide the brightest, smallest layer. It's important here that the shape of the drybrush pattern has to emulate the shape of the sail itself, otherwise it's just gonna look weird.

So that's the sail done. What about the rest?

For the armour panels, the basic colour is even more straightforward. I basecoat the whole model with Daemonette Hide, then give it a light drybrush with Slaanesh Grey. This picks up the edges of the armour panels themselves, but it's very important for the next stage that this overall drybrush is light.

Over this base, I paint on the individual panel detail for the armour. This is done in Slaanesh Grey, and done so for a very significant reason - the panel detail can become very complex, and if I'd painted it in a third colour, the whole model could very easily become far too busy. Using the same colour as for the drybrush, some of the line fades, or in places can disappear completely, and that means that the pattern becomes extremely subtle. It's even caught a few people out when they first look at the model because they don't even see the panel details at first.

Finally over the top of that I paint the web detail - yes, it's inspired by the web pattern off the relatively recent spiderman films. That's then painted in the top three layers of the sail recipe, so starting with Xereus Purple, then genestealer Purple and then Dechala Lilac.

Thirdly then, we need to look at the personnel - so pilots and gunners, and this is the same recipe that I use for the warrior squads.

First off - everything gets an overall drybrush of Slaanesh Grey and then heavy wash with Druchii Violet. This shades the model nicely and actually dries much darker than it looks when it goes on. The armour panels are then re-layered with Slaanesh Grey and edge highlighted with Pallid Wych Flesh.

So that's my purple - hope you found this interesting! If you're not bored, I'm just gonna list the blends I use for the rest of the elements of the models.

Warplock Bronze, highlighted with Brass Scorpion and then Runelord Brass (the Runelord Brass should cover most of the part)

Stormvermin Fur, washed with Nuln Oil and then drybrushed with Steel Legion Drab and Karak Stone

Sotek Green, highlighted with Temple Guard Blue, then the edge paint Baharroth Blue

Till next time, TBE