Thursday, 29 January 2015

The iron fists are back, baby!

Hi all - sorry for the lack of posts this week, I've been working hard on getting the scourge unit finished - it should be ready for next week's progress update.

In the meantime, after my delve into the dark eldar I'm taking a bit of a gaming hiatus from the evil ones, in the form of a campaign at club - The Desolation of Delta Tao.

It's basically an escalation campaign with a bit of a twist - each player gets a base camp, which provides an in-game benefit (boosting flier to hit rolls, artillery strike etc) and every player has finite resources. That means that the final game will involve all the participants and only use the surviving models from the earlier rounds.

Tonight we kick things off with a kill team game, with the winners picking territories. If more than two players pick the same territory then they meet in a 500pt game to determine who claims it (the other players will also play 500pt games against a semi-random opponent, people won't play each other twice in a row) I'm then hoping we'll be able to fit in a 750pt match as well, which should gives us a great start to the campaign.

Let's hope I'm not too rusty with the boys in blue!