Monday, 5 January 2015

Week 5, month 2, blog wars 9 project

New year, new look! 
Hi all, as I've said before, this blog was started by my desire to catalogue the progress I was making with my dark eldar, and while my reintroduction to gaming meant I switched to marines for a while, I'm now firmly back in the dark eldar seat, and a new colour scheme for them means an update to the look of the blog - hope you like!

Back to matters at hand though, and here's my usual Monday update for my painting progress. 

So month 1 I needed to paint a razor wing, my archon and a raider - and here they are! Along with 4 bonus finished warriors.

So then what's up for this month? Well the painting plan has me doing Urien, another Raider and 10 Warriors.

So how far am I on after just under a week? Well since I got on so well last month I'm well ahead on things, particularly urien and the warriors. So because of that, I decided to add a few more bits to this month's list. Below is everything that's got paint on so far, with the venom being the additional vehicle.

Of course, who's ever satisfied with that kind of painting bench?

So when they're done, I'm also planning on getting these progressed...
They'll be done to match the black and red scheme on urien, and I've got a venom I'm working on to resemble the carapace off a talos.

Oh yeah, and if that's not enough, I've got this little fella to get base coated for the iron fists
And these two need their paint schemes stripping down (yes, I know the dread looks awesome thanks to its previous owner Martin, but it doesn't reflect the other death company dread I've got
So until next time, hopefully Wednesday I'll have another bit of dark eldar codex review for you! keep brushing,