Monday, 12 January 2015

Week 6, month 2, dark eldar blogwars 9 project.

Right, another week on, one week less till blogwars! Well I've had quite a productive week this week!

So why have I done in the last week?

Well for the official painting progress chart, I've finished the warrior squad.
Apologies for the lighting, I will take and post up some nicer pics once I've got time to set them up.

Urien is in a similar state, his base just needs two drybrush layers and he will be finished.

Raider is basecoated and all the metallics are done
Now I need to get started on the panel embellishments.

And the extra venom I added to the list is almost finished - I still need to do some detail on the pilot, the canopy and all the blue areas but that shouldn't take long.

Here's the panel detail on the venom.

So what of the unofficial stuff, how has that been progressing?

Well, I did quite a bit on the first grotesque (which paid off as they performed admirably on Thursday!)

Then on Friday afternoon I spent an hour basecoating the storm raven!

Friday night I put this fella together, who I picked up on Thursday.

And then over the weekend I somehow got sidetracked into painting my bastion and deciding to build a modular gaming terrain setup, of which this is the first piece.

It's not finished yet, but should be this month.

So, nose back to the grindstone to finish the venom and urien this week, hopefully getting some progress on the raider too!

Ps, if you're lucky I may just post a few 'terrain Tuesday' items up over the next few months, I decided to also set myself the challenge of getting a modular table done and painted by the end of the year.

Till next time,