Saturday, 14 February 2015

Kabal of the Burning Eye and Iron Fists vs Iyanden - 2 reports for 1!

Morning all, I have two reports for you today, a campaign game featuring the Iron Fists at 1000pts, taking on Martin's Iyanden Eldar, and then immediately following that, my Dark Eldar also took on their dead cousins as my Kabal of the Burning Eye played at 1850pts.

So the first game, we were playing a mission adapted from the space marine altar of war pack, corner deployment and three objectives, one in the centre of the table and the others in the deployment areas (you must place your objective marker in your opponent's area).

My list for this game was mainly bike squads, with my bike captain, supported by a storm raven and two land speeder typhoons.

I faced off against a wraithknight and two wave serpents each with five man units if wraithguard, led by a spiritseer.

I completely forgot that my campaign bonus let me modify my reserve rolls by one, d'oh!

It's was a fairly brief game - my bike squads ploughed forward to get to grips with the enemy, and got shredded on the way by fire from the serpents and the sun cannon. As I mentioned I forgot to modify my reserve rolls so only managed to bring in the speeders on turn three, by which time my plan was in tatters.

At that point I bottled out, ensuring I would keep both speeders, the storm raven and my bike captain for selection in the last game. As an added bonus, that meant that my opponent only scored a single victory point as the bikes had been threatening enough to force him to back away from the objective I had placed as near to me as possible.

The second game was much more interesting, and much less brief!

We rolled up big guns never tire, with hammer and anvil deployment. I deployed first using my normal 1850 list, placing pretty much everything out of line of sight. Only my haywire scourges were in view.

My opponent brought two wraithknights, placing one in each corner, then two wave serpents carrying wraithguard and a spirit seer on my left, a fire prism on my right and swooping hawks and two jetbike units in reserve. Illic nightspear (hereafter known as Jason statham) infiltrated into the centre of the table.

I rolled +1 initiative for the drugs on my bikes, and +1WS for my warlord trait.

Turn 1
I went first and my opponent failed to steal the initiative, so I moved everything out to target the enemy. The ravager and haywire scourges took 2 hull points off one of the wave serpents, shaking it so it could only fire snapshots. The grotesques raider managed to shake and take a single hull point off the fire prism. The star of the round has to be the venoms though, who between them managed to bring the wraithknight nearest them down to two wounds.

In response, Eldar Fire combined to take down 1 ravager and 3 scourges, giving my opponent first blood.

Turn 2
With 4 units in reserve, I'm counting myself a little unlucky that only two of them came in this turn. That being said, it was the two gunboats that arrived, both dropping in within rapid fire range of the wraithknight warlord and taking three wounds off it (it was allowed to reroll failed saves until it took a wound!

The venoms took another wound off the other wraithknight between them, and the disaster of the round saw the reaver jetbikes fail a 6" charge against Jason Statham.

The eldar response saw the swooping Hawks drop in from reserve, landing a grenade pack on the Reavers killing two. The jinking wave serpents killed a single scourge, whilst one squad of wraith guard dismounted and took two hull points from the nearest gunboat. I lost a venom and two passengers but the other shooting failed to damage anything else, either through only being able to snap shoot or me passing jink saves. Jason Statham charged the Reavers but failed to hurt the. In combat, so they chose to hit and run away.

Turn 3
Having put some wounds through to disable the wraithknight warlord's save reroll, the gunboats finally managed to put him down. The single remaining venom and its passengers failed to take the single remaining wound from the second wraithknight, while the grotesque raider caused the Crimson hunter to jink. The blaster warrior from the destroyed venom opened fire on Jason Statham, killing him instantly as he failed to duck back behind cover in time.

The ghost warriors responded, the Hawks leaving the table and the knight wrecking the second gunboat, after the single wraith guard failed to damage it. The wraith declared a charge against the passengers, but died to overwatch

Turn 4
The venom warriors finally managed to put down the second of the wraithknights, the last haywire scourge put down the first wave serpent, whilst the ravager glanced the second. The grotesques dismounted from their raider, charging the wraith guard. The wraiths struck first, causing two wounds, which I failed to save. The grots caused five wounds in return, but the wraithguard saved them all, and ran down my shock troops in a sweeping advance.

In their turn, the eldar jetbikes arrived, and the swooping Hawks returned, killing four with their grenade packs from the now footslogging warrior squad, but the Warriors passed their morale check and held their ground. The Crimson hunter shot the razorwing, taking two hull points and locking its velocity. The swooping Hawks then shot at the Warriors, killing another two, and the jetbikes wrecked a gunboat raider. The wraithguard charged the archon, losing one of their number to overwatch, though the combat was tied.

Turn 5
My shooting fell apart this turn, with the remaining raider, ravager, blaster warrior and haywire scourge all failing to put even a single point of damage on the last serpent. However, the reaver jetbikes more than made up for it, wiping out the wraithguard and spiritseer. The full warrior squad charged the unit of jetbikes claiming the corner objective, tying them up for the remainder of the game as neither side could cause effective damage to the other.

The eldar fire prism shot at the ravager, forcing it to jink to save itself from damage, whilst the Crimson hunter failed to damage urien rakarth. The Hawks killed another two of the warrior squad, then charged in, with the squad leader taking all four hammer of wrath hits to the face and coming back for more. Sadly she then fell to weight of attacks in combat.

Turn 6
The game continued and everything went right for the true kin. The fire prism went down, the venom and its squad killed the second jetbike squad and the Reavers and remaining scourge wiped out the swooping Hawks.

The Crimson hunter and wave serpent gunned their engines and went for the ravager, but failed to hurt it, and with that the game ended.

After trotting up the victory points, it was a crushing victory for the dark eldar, winning 14-3

In retrospect, it was a good match up for my army, with my opponent's main strength (his toughness) meaning very little against my poison ammunition. My strategy of forcing my opponent to jink with his vehicles also paid off, with the wave serpents spending the majority of the game needing sixes to hit. My biggest disappointment was definitely the grotesques, they've never let me down before but the combination of charging through cover and the decent armour save and toughness of my opponent (which meant I didn't get rerolls on my flesh gauntlets) combined to render them ineffective. I'm not too worried though, it's rare that they will come up against that combination of factors and I'll certainly be more aware of the pitfalls next time (as an aside, if my opponent had rolled a statistical average for his saves, it would have been a tied combat).

Till next time, have fun, and keep rolling sixes (unless you're rolling for morale of course)!