Monday, 9 February 2015

Week 10, month 3, dark eldar blogwars 9 project

Hi all!

Blimey, Monday comes round quick doesn't it!

So after last week, I've had a bit of a quiet painting week. A couple of early nights means that progress hasn't been quite so hefty as I'd like. I'll be doing some more tonight, but for now you'll have to make do with an update on my Ravagers.

I've been concentrating on the filigree elements so far, and just to prove I'm not pulling the wool over your eyes, here's the pic from the other side!

So all the filigree work is done, now I need to put on the web design and get cracking on the crew.

That being said, I've also done a bit of work on the first of my amera terrain pieces

I'm pretty pleased with it all things considered (by which i mean it wasn't expensive, and after spraying it with stone spray, and washing it with vallejo black wash, I spent about 20 minutes drybrushing it). I'll give it a spray with some varnish once the weather warms up a bit, but for now I'm calling it done.