Monday, 2 February 2015

Week 9, month 2, dark eldar blogwars 9 project

Greetings all, welcome to my weekly painting update, where I'm currently engrossed in the midst of preparing an all-conquering dark eldar raiding party to win me some spoils, and hopefully some friends, at blogwars 9 in June.

I'm now two months into the project, so it's a good time to look back at what I was hoping to have achieved by now and how far along I am.

My original schedule had me having painted the following by this stage:
Urien Rakarth
10 warriors

I'm pleased to say that's all complete, bar part of the razorwing' base, and I've also managed to finish up one of the scourge squads - you can see them above in an atmospheric photo, and below in a more detailed pic.

I have to say that these models were a joy to paint, and I'm looking forward to finishing the second squad, also due this month.

Before that though, there are more vehicles to be finished, and having done the first two raiders from my list, I figured where better to look than the similar ravager. Let's hope the old adage that painted models perform better because my dice rolls for them don't make comfortable reading.

I started in properly on them last night, and so far I've done the base coats of purple and bronze, drybrushed the chassis and base coated and washed the gunners. The drybrushing on the sails is also complete.

Finally, although not technically progress, I've at last got round to committing myself to a second storm talon for the iron fists (not sure why it's taken so long, these little guys are beasts and have always punched well above their weight in my games). The main reason for getting a second is because a while back I purchased this

And I'm very keen to see how it performs on the tabletop.

That's me done for now, tomorrow I'll have a terrain update and review!