Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The mastermind project - just how much do I have to finish?

Hi all, so as you may have seen, I've finished the blogwars project (for this year at least, it'll be a different army I take next year!).

It was time to take stock therefore, before deciding what to do next. Now as it happens, my wife and I are expecting our second child in the autumn, so rather than spending more money we don't have on some new shiny (which lets face it, I want to!) I decided to plan out a more long term project, the obsidian enclave, which would be put together once I'd got the money to get everything, and in the meantime, I'd concentrate on catching up with the painting I've got already.

When I said I was going to take stock therefore, I meant it quite literally and the first step of the mastermind project was to evaluate it's scale.

So, here we are, the list of models I've got that are partially painted that need finishing.

Now I'm not going to pretend I'll finish all of this before I lift a brush in anger on anything else, but I want this list much smaller before starting the obsidian enclave.

Iron Fists.

1 storm raven
5 sternguard
3 librarians
1 tech marine
7 honour guard
1 aegis line
10 assault marines
22 terminators
1 vindicator
2 razorbacks
1 ironclad
2 landspeeders
3 centurions
8 bikers
1 biker captain
1 biker chaplain
1 attack bike
1 terminator captain
1 stalker

The Revenant

Bloodstone Knights
2 drop pods
5 assault marines
1 librarian dreadnought
1 death company dreadnought
1 Astorath
5 marines
9 death company

Kabal of the Burning Eye
10 Mandrakes

11 Orlocks
2 Escher

Wow, that's a lot of stuff I've got partially painted! But wait, that's only part of the list I wrote out - the other part is stuff that's not painted at all!

Iron Fists
7 Scout bikes
12 Scouts
8 Marines
20 Assault Marines
2 Land Raiders
1 Dreadnought
1 Storm Talon
1 Terminator Captain ('counts as' Lysander)

The Revenant
2 Wraithlords

Bloodstone Knights
1 Assault Marine
2 Vanguard Veterans
5 Marines

Kabal of the Burning Eye
15 Hellions
2 Raiders
3 Incubi
4 Wracks
1 Talos/Cronos
3 Sslyth
3 Reaver Jetbikes
18 Wyches
10 Warriors
2 Medusae
1 Ur-Ghul
1 Succubus

7 Orlocks
1 Bounty Hunter
10 Escher

So where do I start?

Well, after having completed my Blogwars army, I decided the next step I wanted was to fill out my other main collection with finished models, so I'm going back to the Iron Fists to start with.

April/May 2015
2 Razorbacks
1 Vindicator
1 Stalker

This should give me plenty of armoured support for the marines, and some viable alternatives for getting up close and personal (without borrowing the part painted drop pods I've got from the Bloodstone Knights!)

June 2015
10 Bikes (including captain and chaplain)
1 Attack Bike
3 Centurions
2 Land Speeders
1 Ironclad

June could be busy. But the centurions, land speeders and ironclad are only needing touch ups thanks to the varnish disaster I had last year, so shouldn't take long.

5 Sternguard
Aegis Line
Storm Raven

July should see the completion of some items that have been sat around for quite a while (too long!)

3 Librarians
1 Techmarine
7 Honour Guard
Terminator Captain
This is mainly about tidying up odd bits, hopefully I'll be able to add more into the schedule as these models shouldn't take the whole month to do.

20 Terminators
Tactical dreadnought hell - they'd better be better under the next codex because I love the models.

I'm not looking this far ahead, but hopefully by this point I'll be able to put something other than blue and gold paint on something, so I'll look at maybe some of the bloodstone knights stuff, or go back to more Dark Eldar for a bit!

So that's that for now. Tell me, what do your painting piles look like, am I a complete hobby addict or is this fairly normal? I know from the guys at my gaming club I'm not the worst in terms of unfinished projects!