Monday, 25 May 2015

Iron Fists painting update 25-5-15

Hi all,
another week, another bank holiday, though this time I remembered to post my painting update (yay for my memory!)

So what have I been doing since last week?

Well during the first part of the week, I kept on with painting both the storm raven and the scouts and though it feels like it's taking an age, I'm definitely seeing progress.

On Friday however I had an exciting day, beginning with the good feeling of having won my game at club on Thursday night against a marine list that beat me last time I faced them, and this was followed in the afternoon by popping over to Melton Mowbray to pick up the first 600pts of The Obsidian Enclave - a 6-man stealth team, and two squads of Firewarriors with their Devilfish transports.

At this point I'm going to embark on a bit of a rant I'm afraid. I realise that codices have been updated since models were released, but here are my points of irritation.
  • the fire warrior box, despite allowing you to equip the whole squad with pulse carbines, only provides 6 that are capable of being attached without conversion work, for 12 models.
  • Similarly, the Devilfish transport can take a Smart Missile System. Too bad there isn't one in the box, and the only place you can actually get them is the hammerhead/skyray kit, which costs an extra £12.50.
Now I don't mind the odd conversion, in fact I quite enjoy kit bashing, but the fire warrior box isn't exactly dripping with spare parts to allow such things, and I certainly am not keen on being forced to convert half the models of a basic infantry squad! Thankfully I'd got a few pulse carbine arms lying around from my last, long abandoned foray into the world of the greater good, so I didn't need to put too many models together from a sparse bits box.

I'm pretty pleased with some of the results, so here are a couple of them I'm quite proud of.

It's taken me three nights of clipping, cutting and sticking, but now we're done, and I should be able to get some undercoat on them soon. It's about time I tried getting some paint on them eh? I'll get back to the storm raven and scouts but will hopefully get a few Tau bits done for you to see soon!

Till next time, front rank, FIRE!!!