Monday, 4 May 2015

Painting update - space marine iron fists 4-5-15

Greetings all - another bank holiday here in the uk but this time I've managed to keep my head around the dates and what day it is so here's an update on my progress on the iron fists. 

I've basically finished the stalker, and I'm really pleased with the result (even though the tracker lenses do just need a glare effect on them). I'm not sure yet where best to put a chapter badge, in some respects I may even think about not doing one, what do you all think?

So with that done I moved on, and have started some work on the first razorback, though I'll keep those pictures for next week when it should be finished.

What I will show you now however is a couple of sergeant models I've had sat around for a long time that I've finally got round to starting so they can be included in my games. They've got the base coats and wash on, so now just need the top layer and highlights doing before they're ready for games.

I got a big day planned this Thursday when I should get lots of painting done, so hopefully a bumper update next week!

Till next time, watch out for the camels!