Monday, 15 June 2015

The Obsidian Enclave painting progress - 15-6-15

Well last week was a wash out then in terms of me getting a painting progress article up!

This week is likely to be busy though, I've got lots in the pipeline, including:

Painting progress - first three stealth suits are finished!
Construction progress - the big beast has been collected, and is mostly built, albeit still in separate pieces for painting. Watch out for the riptide folks!
Hobby update - Well that was a helluva codex drop - I managed to pick my copy up on Friday and am beavering away on a review to post up just as soon as I can, it may be in several parts though!
New game - That's right, I'm expanding my collection to include other things. It's a game many of you will be familiar with I'm sure, and certainly isn't 'new', but I've now had my first few games of Magic:The Gathering and just as soon as I can get a bit of money together I'll be getting hold of a deck or two (black, in case you were wondering)
Sales - I've put my Harlequin Solitaire (shown at the too) up on ebay, it's not going to get joined by any of the other harlequin releases so I figured why keep it in the cupboard gathering dust. It won second place in the harlequin painting competition on 'The Dark City' so it definitely worth a look if you're interested.

So on to the meat of today's post - painting progress!

I've been working away on a couple of projects recently, including the scouts you've seen before, and these guys, who you haven't!

Here is the first half squad from my Tale of 7 Gamers collection - the Obsidian enclave.
Now it's fair to say I'm really pleased with how these guys have come out (except i seem to have missed a mold line on the fusion blaster, grrr). The scheme is relatively simple to paint, which should keep time spent to a minimum - nice to do something uncomplicated after my Dark Eldar. I think it's still pretty striking though, and I'm loving the effect so far. Next up: 3 more, then a dozen fire warriors and a devilfish.

Because the stealth guys get lonely sometimes, I also decided to purchase the big daddy of the list, and have been having a blast putting him together over the weekend, here's my riptide so far, in hopefully a slightly more cinematic pose than the usual bland setup you get from using the pins in the kit.