Monday, 19 October 2015

Tale of 5 Gamers - 750pt round progress

Greetings all, and welcome once more to the wickedly whimsical wanderings of my mind as I discuss with you how the Tale of X Gamers series is progressing at my club.
Some of you may recall that a few of my gaming buddies and I decided we would embark on this series, made famous by White Dwarf’s very own ‘Fat Bloke’ many, many years ago. Many times since then have various groups tried to emulate the hobby-changing series, but none have really succeeded in gripping the imagination like the original. Think ‘Total Recall’, the remake isn’t bad by itself, but it’s just not the original

My friends and I decided we would be the next to attempt the impossible, and so we began plotting their downfall.

In the end we recruited 5 people to the Tale (initially it was seven as shown in the logo above, but one never started anything and the other dropped out after a few games). The five armies begun are as follows:
Me – Tau of the Obsidian Enclave
Ryan – Space Marines (Orange ones – I’m going to call them Hazzard Marines after the Dukes of Hazzard)
Mj – Chaos Marines (Sneaky little Mongrel has bought some already painted models)
Martin – Also marines, using Iron Hands tactics.
George – Dark Eldar (Poor George – inspired possibly by the success of my own Dark Eldar he’s fallen hook line and sinker for the best models in the game)

My 500pt list
We gave ourselves 3 months to finish painting the first 500 pts. Mj unsurprisingly managed to paint the few models he needed to complete (by his own admission he’s not a painter so wasn’t going to re-do the painted stuff). Ryan got his Hazzard Marines done early thanks to his shiny new airbrush, and Martin and I snuck in at the last getting our final models done in the last week. George, I’m afraid, failed appallingly so we’ve devised a mean and nasty punishment.

The games were pleasingly even all round (well, I say that, most of the actual games were pretty one-sided but the results spread quite evenly). I won two of my four games, wiping out most of Mj’s armoured army in the first couple of turns with my stealth suit’s fusion blasters and spattering George’s Dark Eldar with so much pulse fire they couldn’t recover. Sadly the Iron Hands scouts made a right royal mess of my plans, and as for the Hazzard Centurions taking shelter in a building – they’s just NASTY (I’ve got a plan for them next time…)

All that leaves Ryan ahead with 3 wins and maximum painting points, Martin and I just behind with two wins apiece and maximum painting points, followed by Mj with two wins but only partial painting points, and George bringing up the rear with a single win and, erm, no painting points.

So what next? Well, September and October are to be spent getting our armies up to 750 and playing each other again at that level. Of course, muggins here has hamstrung himself by picking a codex that’s due for a replacement so no doubt my best laid plans will get torn to shreds in the coming weeks, but hey ho, at least I should have a more competitive army for the 1000pt games, right? RIGHT???

But seriously, my 750pt list tweaks things quite substantially from the 500pt version, making the following changes.

·         Darkstrider is out – he’s awesome and I love him very very much, but for reasons to do with the other changes I’ve made there’s just not room for 2 HQ’s in a 750pt list.

·         Shadowsun is in – who wouldn’t want two BS5 fusion guns with split fire and infiltrate? She fills the gap left by…

·         One stealth team is out. Again, this is all about points, I love the stealth teams but just can’t fit two in the list at this level.

·         A second devilfish is in, and the fire warrior squads are cut in size. Points savings again, but two smaller squads is more flexible than one big one.

·         Dun dun derrrr! The Riptide makes an appearance. Yes, I did, a riptide in a 750pt game (hey, there’re centurions, a vindicator and a helldrake in my opponents’ lists!). Ion accelerator, fusion guns and skyfire will give me a decent anti air option at least.
Here's the big fella, standing on a bloodbowl pitch...
My oh my, that's a big gun you've got there.

That's genuine slate he's standing on - this model is NOT going to fall over

So what does that mean I need to paint by the end of October? Well, rather foolishly of course I’ve taken stuff out of my 500pt starting list so I’m actually painting around 400pts worth of models instead of the 250 I could have got away with. Still, it leaves the painting pile consisting of a Riptide, two Fire Warriors, a Devilfish and Shadowsun. Of those, Shadowsun is done and the Riptide is almost there, so finishing on time shouldn’t be a problem, I just need to make sure I keep the nose to the grindstone as it were and get them sorted, whilst figuring out what to include to take me up to 1000pts.
The changes to make the list 750pts - almost done!

At this point, I’ve got some pathfinders on the assembly line, and a pile of drones to do (seriously, LOTS of drones) though thankfully the drones don’t take much time.
So, what of this little lot goes into the list at 1000pts?

What I’d love to be able to pick up however is some broadside suits, but they’re pretty damned expensive and I won’t have massive funds to spend (too many calls on the purse strings at the moment!). On that basis, the next 250 will probably be markerlight city, aimed at boosting up the already fairly formidable firepower in the list, then adding in some more fire warriors. The new codex about to drop has further thrown shadows over the next chunk of points, as I really like the new Ghostkeel and Breacher units from what I've seen so far. I may need more stealth suits!

I played my first game of the 750pt round just over a week ago, and boy was it fun. Neither myself nor Martin seemed capable of being consistent in our dice rolling (nothing new for either of us there!) and the Riptide managed to be on target only 2 turns out of 5, whilst Martin's marines failed two 4" charges in a single turn. The last turn really sealed the deal, with Martin claiming a 10-5 victory (seriously, if I hadn't fluffed my gets hot roll for the Ion accelerator it could have been a victory for me of that order).

In other games in the tale, Ryan's Hazzard Marines have beaten Mj's Chaos, gaining revenge for their round 1 loss. I'm up against George next (Thursday), then Ryan and hopefully Mj on the 27th as I'm having an evening of gaming with both daughters and my wife away for the night.