Monday, 21 December 2015

Hobby update - 21/12/15

With Christmas fast approaching and almost two weeks off work, I'm getting pretty excited about being able to make some decent hobby progress once more. With that in mind, and with my wife having taken our daughters to a nativity and church party on Sunday, I had a few hours to myself to get some work done on my Tau once more.

The deadline for painting this little lot above is looming alarmingly, and I worked out that I have to average 15pts of models per day for the next six weeks if I'm going to avoid getting points docked in the Tale of Four Gamers series! Doesn't sound much until you factor in days out for the holidays, visits to relatives etc.

On that note therefore, I got my brushes out at the weekend and ditched the space marine bikes I've been working on (again - I promise they're first on my list once this round of the Tale is finished!). The big question though was what to paint when I did get them out - I settled for doing a little on a lot but really focusing on one model. In that regard therefore, I've painted the bases on my breacher teams, base coated and washed a few drones and the ion cannon from the hammer head (along with doing a little of the silver on the tank itself). I've got a fair way with the coloured parts of the commander, but most importantly I've finished the first of the piranhas (the second is almost converted).

It's a fairly dark scheme overall, but that was a conscious decision and I'm fairly pleased with the edge highlighting on this one too (though I'm not looking forward to doing that on the commander and ghostkeel models!).

This is the work done on Shas'O Rassai, the missile pods are completely interchangeable as I've gone magnet mad with him. I promise I'll get some better pictures when he's more progressed, these weren't taken from a great angle as his pose is quite dynamic.

The work done on the other models is less significant for now so I won't bore you with yet more pictures of barely begun models, but proper progress pics should be along next week!

For those of you interested in how Hero for a Day is coming along, I've now spoken to the Parish about getting the hall for the event, and they seemed quite positive. I'll need to wait until nearly the end of February to confirm the cost but I think we'll have support for the proposal subject to that detail!

I'm hoping that this week I can perhaps write a bit of fiction to intro the day to everyone once I get a date finalised. I'm continuing my search for supporters too, and this weekend got the support of a very talented painter many of you will have heard of who's said they'd be interested in attending and/or donating a raffle prize - I won't name-drop yet, but he's certainly one of the people I consider to be at the pinnacle of painting in our hobby, and someone who's done his own very good work for charity through this hobby.

Next year I'm looking at creating a much more organised 'to do' list and trying to tick full units off it at regular intervals.