Monday, 25 January 2016

Hobby update - terrain and models!

Honestly you lot are so lucky - I've got a double progress update for you today!

First up, let's look at models, when I left you last week there was a breacher squad sat on my painting desk ready to be worked on, and some crisis suits. 

Well, I got the breachers finished, along with the DS8 Tactical Support Turret that comes in the box (honestly, the rules for this thing are so broken it's insane! Look out for some comment on it in a forthcoming unit review.)

So where are the crisis suits? Well, I've done some work on the first of them, though the other two still require a lot of effort - I'm meeting some friends at Warhammer World for a day in early February so want to have a fully painted army to take with me, so I've got two weeks to get them done.

I've also done a little more on my Imperial Guard scheme, and I'm pretty happy with how it's progressing at the moment.
The guy on the left is a basic trooper, and now has the red line done on his fatigues, plus the regiment number on his left shoulder pad (I may have done a little calligraphy in my time, but I'm NOT looking forward to detailing this for a whole army, haha!). The guy on the right is still in a partial state of completion, but will be the scheme for the sergeants in the squads. It's blurry, but the guy in the middle at the back is going to be the officer type scheme, and you can probably make out I've done the white piping round his jacket.

So, that's all the models I've been working on in the last week, how's the modular board progressing?

Really well actually, I'm getting a feeling, probably undeserved, that progress is good at the moment.
This was the state of it on Saturday night.
Now don't tell me, I know that looks like a lot of black squares and not much else - but I've had issues transporting the tiles to club and back in recent weeks, with the paint on each tile coming off when they're stacked in a box together. The solution was to glue felt to the base of each tile, so that this shouldn't happen any more. 

Now I've actually sold a piece of my terrain recently, the skyshield landing pad - in honesty I rarely enjoyed seeing it on the table and it was sitting there staring at me unpainted, so I got rid. In it's place, I've been working on a destroyed and unearthed underground pipeline, which fits much better with the theme I'm going for with the table. It's almost ready to paint, just needs a bit more filler and rubble on it and we'll be good to go.
As for other things, I've got some large rocks I've had for ages that I'm painting up to match the rest of the board, which I'll keep back to use as scatter terrain I think rather than putting them onto a tile.

The upper tile is one of the trench junctions I've got from Amera, which are starting to look, in my opinion, fantastic. When all this is done I'll be looking to expand the selection of tiles I have available and I've got my eye firmly on some of their road pieces, and maybe a few more buildings so I'll be able to do a proper city board.

That's it for me on the hobby front this week, though I did partake in something exciting and new for me last night in relation to Hero for a Day - look out for the announcement on that soon!

Till next time,