Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Hero for a Day update - new forum!

Greetings all, welcome once more to another update on Hero for a Day. It's just going to be a quick update today as I've not managed to progress the mission pack much in the last week. What I have done however is to set up a forum for the event.

If you're interested in attending the event and would like to help out/feedback/playtest etc, then please head on over to the new forum and introduce yourself. You won't be able to post anything without registering but the idea is that the people who are interested in coming along and taking part in the event can have somewhere to get to know the other people that will be in attendance at the event. It will also provide us with somewhere for the teams to talk tactics amongst themselves and post/refine army lists etc. Ultimately I'd like it to be somewhere where the people who will make the event successful can provide a really positive place for discussion about the hobby, obviously with a heavy lean towards this event, but I'd like it to result in a good community spirit too!

Those of you who are interested but not able to attend will also be welcome, as I'd love to get as much feedback as possible about the mission and rules packs I'm working on. Why not head over there and register now?

Till next time,