Monday, 29 February 2016

Hobby update - moar bikes and some dark blue incoming

Greetings all - hope you're well.

Today's hobby update includes some of my pics from my post over the weekend (recycling content? How very dare you suggest such a thing sir!)

I have added in a few bikes to my 'in progress' pile though, as I realised the revamping of my collection is going to be resulting in rather more work on them than I'd first thought. This is mainly because I've actually realised that a few of the chapter badges weren't finished previously and I need to do something about that.

Here's the revised pile of bikes to finish therefore (including two new ones!)

So what needs doing? Well, the seven on the left are the scout bikes I've been working on for a while, nothing new there. The four on the right (two front, two back) have all had new weapon arms attached, two plasma guns, and the sergeants both have combi weapons to match their squads. The four in the middle are all missing chapter badges, or have unfinished chapter badges somehow, so they need finishing, although the two in the front row will probably get shiny new gravy guns when I get my hands on some. The apothecary at the back could also use a little refurb on his cloak, which has worn in places. The two new attack bikes at the back are to complete the bike mounted part of my white scars based list, though one needs a multi melta (anyone have one going spare - I've got the old metal one but I want the rail-mounted plastic version).

So today I focused on getting some more work done on the techmarine gunner from my thunderfire cannon. He still needs a 32mm base so I've not done much around his feet but I thought I'd just do a little expose on how I've painted his armour.

Black undercoat, then he's been basecoated in Kantor blue. I then mixed a 50:50 Kantor blue:Teclis blue and faded it in around the edges of the armour panels (not all of them, just most). This was then highlighted with a pure Teclis Blue on the very edges giving me a nice moody transition from dark to mid blue tones.

What I then decided though (and it's a bit of a departure for me) was to be very careful about my application of wash. I used Nuln oil to darken just a little the recesses of his armour, and took this photo to illustrate my point - the leg on the right has been shaded, the one on the left hasn't.

I can tell the difference, can you?

I've continued this effect elsewhere and I'm really happy with it.

Next up was the chapter badge - I've done a basic version on the sergeant model at the top of the page, but it wan't quite what I was after, so this time I put more effort in!
I heavily blended the shoulder pad first, transitioning from mournfang brown basecoat through rakarth flesh to pallid wych flesh, using an agrax earthshade wash to muddy the edges of the pad. The chapter symbol itself is then painted in black, with kantor blue and then teclis blue highlights in the centre portions to give it some depth.

So far I'm pretty happy with the Techmarine's look, though there's a lot more work to go in on him yet.
Till next time!