Monday, 15 February 2016

Hobby update - Storm Talons!

Greetings all, and welcome once more to my weekly hobby update - this week I have mostly been using Fenrisian Grey (and no, I've not been painting space wolves!)

The picture above was the state of my pair of storm talons last week - and I'd mentioned that I was thinking of tinting the canopies having seen an article over on 40k addict where Dave had done that with his Dark Angels jetfighter.

Dave must have read my post, because I got a very welcome email part way through the week where he had taken the above photo and doctored it in photoshop showing what various coloured tints would look like. This sold me on the idea and I immediately ordered some Tamiya Clear Orange off ebay to have a go at my own canopies.
I'm really impressed with the results, the orange tint is just strong enough (following two coats) to tie in nicely with the Gehenna's Gold on the flyers themselves whilst not drastically changing the appearance of the models and bringing too much 'orange' into the look.

Both flyers themselves are now finished, though I still need to work on the base of the one on the left (dead Tau suit to add to the base, I'm thinking of really using my bits box to pile up a lot of stuff there). I'm really pleased with the base on the other gunship though, the idea being that the Space Marines air cavalry are bombing in to the rescue of the outclassed and wounded guardsmen below.

This one has been in the 'partly done' box for a very long time!

That brings my total of finished models for the month up to 616pts! Ok most of them were in advanced stages of completion anyway, but most importantly it gets me back on track with my resolution for the year. I've now started work on finishing the Storm Raven, and am hoping to have it done by the end of Feb as well.

In the meantime, my 'at work' painting progress (I paint during my lunch breaks) is also moving on apace, with 141pts of scout bikers well underway (these I was starting from scratch this month, but they represent the last of my current bike collection, even if I have got a couple of attack bikes reserved from a mate to add in soon).
Bikes are always the bane of my painting life, so I'll be glad to get these guys finished. I may howeve need to add some more later so that I can split the squads, as I've got three of the new style ones and four of the old style, and I'd ideally like to keep them separate for visual reasons on the tabletop.

I was also pretty pleased with this work too on a couple of the riders faces
Hopefully this squad will be mostly finished by the end of the week, though that's a pretty stiff challenge I'm setting myself. If possible, I'll try and get some decent photos taken of the Iron Fists soon so that I can get some 'army' pictures on the blog like I did with my Dark Eldar last summer.

That's all for now, till next time!