Sunday, 28 February 2016

Terrain update, and a new scoring app

Hi all - sorry for the lack of updates this week, I was off work sick for a couple of days and things got a bit manic after that.

Still, I've managed to get a bit of hobbying done, and am making some progress in various areas!

First though, I'd like to give a plug to something an indirect acquaintance of mine has been working on. Some of you may have heard of Michael Basc from Worlds End Radio - well he's been working on an app to assist gamers in keeping track of the score in games of 40k, and I think it's a great idea.

You can find it here.
there is an android version incoming, and I'll keep you all updated when it arrives.

So the main thing I've done this week is some more work on the Dusk Knights test model, and I started work on the thunderfire cannon too (I know I was intending on buying everything new, but thunderfires cost a bomb and my current one is just sitting in the cupboard)

I also figured I'd get an update on where I'm at with my modular terrain board, especially since this week a couple of pieces arrived that should let me finish off the trench corners.

So, there are now ten pieces completely finished, with another 8 pretty close, and those 4 trench corners you can see won't take long to get done. I need to work a little on the transitions between the pieces as some look a little darker than others, but that's a simple piece of work.

Also to help facilitate the revamping of my space marine collections, I've put up my Necromunda gangs on ebay - see them here

First up, a 12-strong Escher gang

and a 16-man Orlock gang, some of which are painted to a very high standard and have featured on the blog here a while back, ruling the roost in the campaign I played with some friends.

I have some more auctions going live this evening, so please feel free to have a browse around 8pm GMT.

Till next time, TBE