Monday, 8 February 2016

This week's hobby update - plus a day of gaming!

Hi all!
Exciting stuff to let you in on this week - my Iron Fists bikes are finished!
Well, the normal bikes squads and the command squad at least...

These guys have plagued me for ages as they were the first and most significant element I added to my marines when I decided to re-do them in 2013, and for some reason despite getting the first squad done quite quickly the second has really sapped my motivation. Finally getting the second squad finished means I can put them behind me and move on with more enthusiasm to the next step of my progress on the army. I say finished, I do want to add some combi weapon arms to the sergeants and some magnetised special weapons bikers to the mix, but they are at least usable at present without shame!

On the greater good side, I've finished up another squad of fire warriors (this now makes 4!) having wanted them ready for yesterday when I spent the day at warhammer world with several other friends.
I've got to say thanks to my patient and long-suffering wife whilst I finished these, drilling the pins into the slate bases whilst I was in bed on saturday night with her trying to get to sleep next to me! I think the result is worth it though, as they do look effective on the tabletop (and were incredibly cheap given the flexibility of the new fire warrior kit meaning I only had to buy some spare torsos to make up a whole second squad from the box).

Here's the full army that I took to our gaming day, though I didn't get to use it all in one go (we played a triple threat and a doubles match at 800pts each rather than going 1v1 at 1750).

So next up on the painting table having got almost all of the Tau done and the Iron Fists bikers finished is the other mobility units in my Iron Fists collection.

First up, the pair of landspeeders - one of which was caught by my varnish incident and has been sitting on the shelf awaiting a re-do ever since whilst I calmed down. The Ironclad I finished again last year also got caught in this, as did the centurions, which still need me to start on their repair job, but it's good to get the landspeeder sorted and I'll enjoy getting it on the table again now. I know landspeeders don't necessarily get a lot of love in playing circles, but I've found these guys to be incredibly effective tank hunters, particularly when coming in from deep strike guided by scout bikers!

Whilst one of the speeders is complete, the other just needs a final edge highlight and they're done, which beats my 300pt pledge for the month with the bikers. Next up then is my storm talons - one of which is nearly completed anyway, but my pledge for 300pts is about finishing models, not painting them from scratch, so if I get these boys finished I'm basically back on track with the Iron Fists this year (that'll be 616pts finished).

I saw over on that Dave has used Tamiya clear to stain the cockpit of his Dark Angels flyer. I really loved the effect but I'm not sure the red would work in this instance. I'll probably leave them for now with a view to maybe coming back to it at a later date.

So that's all my painting progress for the week - next week I hope to have at least one storm talon finished if not both, and I'll probably then be looking at going back to bikes for a bit with the scout bikes. Mine are a mix of the new version and the older ones with lots of add-ons, so I'll have to think about how I do those, probably end up taking two squads so they don't look mismatched, then after that I think will be more slogging away at the storm raven!

Don't forget that if you want to come along to Hero for a Day, we've now got a forum set up where you can introduce yourself to the other participants and talk tactics etc!

I should note that one of our raffle prize donors this weekend finished in the top 5 for the golden daemon single miniature category at the Horus Heresy weekender. Well done Henry South ( - I loved all three of your entries!

Finally for today - I spent a really enjoyable day at Warhammer World yesterday - I played in a three-way game with 800pts per person where I tried an experimental msu style Tau list (and got spanked very early one, sandwiched between Mechanicus units on one side and marines on the other (with 2 thunderfires, and a unit of 3 lascannon centurions).

The second game went much better, as Martin and I teamed up (my Tau, with a list more to my play style, and his Mechanicus) to take on Ryan and Toby (the aforementioned marines and a scion force). This went our way from the start on the table, with Martin and I seemingly unable to fail a 4+ save for a while, and bascially deleting opposing units off the board largely at will. Sadly the objective cards were not my friend though, and despite us finishing the game in a strong position to table our opponents had the game continued, we lost by just a couple of points in the end. I can't emphasise how much fun this game was though, with things being really close in terms of points all the way through, possibly due to my inability to draw any cards I had much hope of achieving. I even managed to win a combat with my breacher squad (and I only outnumbered the scions 4 to 1 as well!).

Next time guys, my list has been improved (my saves will probably go down the drain instead)

Till next time,