Monday, 14 March 2016

Hobby Update 14/3/16 - Fumes and floaty things!

Greetings all,
welcome to my weekly hobby round up covering all painty and buildy type stuff I've been doing over the last week.

So last Monday I left you with a half-painted techmarine, a nearly finished biker and two drop pod shells built. I've not had quite the same amount of hobby time as usual this week, though I've not been sitting around on my hands doing nothing!

First, up then, let's have a look at what painting I've managed to do.

Well the scout biker still isn't done!

This fella has had quite a bit of progress though...

So most of the smooth pipes on the model now have hazard striping on them (only one more to go) and I've started detailing the harness much more using 'Brass Scorpion', which will be washed then highlighted with runelord brass and a little silver. I really want the Dusk Knights to utilise brass much more in the metallics, since the Iron Fists are a Gehenna's Gold army, and although the main blue is very different I wanted to avoid having two blue/gold armies in my collection. This guy is really starting to look the part now, and I think I'll be building him a base in the next couple of evenings to really show him off (I've got a 32mm one spare somewhere to give him a bit more impact).

The only other paint I managed to get on any of my models last week was this...
Sadly blocking out the blue and one small amount of cream on this was half an hour's work - I get the feeling drop pods may become the new bikes in terms of soul destroying amounts of time to paint something fairly simple. This is just the base layer of blue by the way, the edges around the transitions will get tidied up significantly from here as I progress the paint job. I may even look to use these progress photos into a tutorial at a later date, it's about time I did some more detailed posts on my painting!

So, over the weekend I decided to get a few more of my new models built, and despite an overnight stay at the in-laws where I not only had to drop the good lady off for a night out with an long-time friend, but also collect my father in law from work (at 10pm!) and then pick up the now worse-for-wear pair of friends from their night out around 12.30am I still managed to get the following done.

So the second drop pod now has the harness construction inside complete, and is ready for priming (it's currently in three pieces, the base and doors, the harness section and the outer frame).

And I've now got two landspeeders mostly finished. Warning - rant incoming.

Why, why oh why do GW insist on making kits that don't cater for the codex options? I can understand something like the devastator kit only carrying a couple of the heavy weapon types, but the landspeeder storm has only 1 of three potential pintle weapon options in the box. There is no multi melta and no heavy flamer for the gunner to use. Similarly whilst the land speeder kit does include a heavy flamer, the codex entry allows it to take 2 and you only get 1 in the box. This frustrates me enormously as I'm not the best modeller around and I'm now going to have to try and make a pair of heavy flamers from two terminator heavy flamer kits, which is going to be a faff I can tell, especially as it will look decidedly different to the underslung option on the landspeeder.

Notwithstanding that however, these models complete my collection for the Iron Fists list I'm working with at the moment (using White Scars chapter tactics and formations). I've even drilled out the barrels at the same time as I built the kits so won't need to come back and do them later like with the bikes! Hopefully I'll be able to get them undercoated this week and get some basic colours laid down on them before my next update (wife is out with some other friends on Saturday night, so I'll get some done then if not before!

Till next time,

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