Monday, 21 March 2016

Hobby update - 21/3/16. Dusk Knights, and what to do with bigger bases?

Greetings all, welcome once more to the sneak peeks onto my hobby table (when I say table, I mean whatever flat surface I'm co-opting for hobby use that evening - two daughters means I no longer have a dedicated hobby table! :( )

Above you can see the extent of my painting progress since last week - not very impressive I realise, but sometimes you have to make do. At least with two elections coming up I'll have some nice time to get lots of progress done!

I did have a nice surprise on Friday though, when I got a message from my local stockist saying that my Pedro Kantor had arrived. After some slight confusion when I went to collect him that resulted in me nearly getting a box of Chaos Havocs (bless, it's a normal toy store rather than a wargaming place so they have no idea what the difference is) I got back on Saturday evening and got to crack on with assembling the model. No real finecast issues thankfully, though for some bizarre reason GW thinks having re-based their entire marine range from 25mm bases to 32mm ones (except where bigger of course) it's perfectly ok to send a 25mm base with someone of this stature, a Chapter Master no less!

That wouldn't do, so I stole one of the bases from my tactical squad, which will get replaced with a spare from a friend this week. I then got busy with my bits box and some foam board and I've got a nice plinth of stone on one part of the base, with a metallic box on the other part. Some judicious sprinkling of sand in the gaps and I've got a base I'm really happy with - not elaborate, but also more than my previous basic (haha) efforts. I did toy with the idea of switching out the helment to provide a little uniqueness to my model, but wasn't impressed with how the forgeworld Emperor's Children helmet looked. I've got an idea that the Dusk Knight command structure will all be indoctrinated into the reclusiam though, so might have a look around for some decent Chaplain heads, the current one is only push-fit onto the model with a pin so is easily changed.

Last night whilst my wife was watching some dull period drama or other I embarked on getting some more of the Dusk Knights built. I'd assembled part of a sergeant with Kantor on Saturday, so got to work on his base first.

I had this idea that I though sounded great about him standing on the steps of some building or other, now I know the bases are bigger than they used to be, but they're not that big, so had to make do with a slightly lesser effect than was in my head, but I think the result below is still pretty good, and different. It's just some foam board again cut into two different depths and detailed with a few cuts and some scratches made using the back of my craft knife.

All my sergeants will be equipped with power fists in this army, it's just their thing (hence also the fist icon on Kantor rather than scraping everything flat) and once again, a search through my bits box revealed a more knightly style helmet than the standard ones. I'll be going with the classic idea of painting banners for the sergeants too, so this army will look decidedly more elaborate than my previous efforts.

Lastly in terms of building models then is a heavy bolter specialist from the tactical squad. Now let's be honest, how many of us have spare heavy weapons lying around in our bits boxes? The tactical squad box only gives you a missile launcher, which is a little disappointing but I can understand that the sprues are completely packed with parts so I'm willing to forgive that little oversight. Thankfully a while ago I bought the sternguard upgrade sprue (for the heavy flamer I think) and that comes with a heavy bolter as well, and it's a gorgeous looking piece (the photos I've taken don't really do it justice). I had to include it, though it only just won out over the chaos version, which I also discovered I've still got. One of the best parts in the tactical kit though is the sword hand. Ok it's probably meant to be a power sword but I like to think it looks pretty good as a long knife, so I went with the the most archaic heavy looking bits of armour, the raised gorget, lots of rivets everywhere, and a beaky helmet. I've magnetised the knife hand so I can always swap it out later, but I love the lazy way the heavy bolter is actually just being held in one hand, it really brings home just how strong marines really are.

For the base I'd had a bit of an idea that I wanted to try out - all these models will be based as if they're in a ruined city but I wanted to bring my own twists to it (I'm actually quite disappointed there aren't any kneeling legs in the kit, as I had a kneeling marine from an earlier kit and I loved the aesthetic). I was feeling in a bit of a zombie mood and thought wouldn't it be cool if this marine was fighting a retreat against a bit of a shuffling horde. I picked up an old Rhino hatch and though it made a pretty goo looking manhole cover, so out came the foam board again,  and I dug a hole into it to fit the manhole over. Then the light bulb came on, and I frantically dug through my bits box, coming up with a guardsman's arm. I glued this on to look like something had been climbing from the manhole before the marine stamped down on it, crushing whatever was inside.

So, here's Kantor and the two marines I've built so far. I'll be putting some more together this week so if anyone has any ideas for semi-diorama type bases I'd be grateful for any suggestions! The best will get worked up into models and will make an appearance on the blog in due course (along with attributions for the person suggesting them of course!).

Finally then, whilst I was watching England's glorious march to the Six Nations title on Saturday night I also got stuck into doing some more work on the convent. I wanted some battle damage to be represented on it so I've used the small blast template to mark out an exploded section of wall (which goes through to the inner wall). I've also figured out a consistent way of attached the inner walkway to the walls. The corner tower still needs doubling in height so that it's not actually lower than the walls, but progress is being made. I'm hoping to finish detailing this section this week, though it's safe to say I won't be able to finish the remaining three sides in time for Dave Weston's adsense competition, but I will be sending the finished pics of this over to take part. 

Till next time,

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