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Hobby update 13/3/17 - Fateweaver!

Morning all, another week passes and more new projects get started on my desk - I really need to try finishing something sometime, haha!

welcome again to my workstation where I let you in on all the little projects I have going on. This week is more detail on my commission work, including a finished Librarian, and work beginning of Fateweaver - the most significant model of my commission service so far.

Librarian - commission from St Andrews Wargaming.

I've been working on this guy for a little while, Mike kindly sent him over to me shortly after Christmas with the request for him to be painted in a non-chapter specific fashion. He also advised he'd do the base himself and just asked me to give it a coat of steel legion drab.

I decided to go fairly traditional in terms of colours therefore, the main armour is base coated in Macragge Blue, with some fairly strong highlights blended into it to max out the contrast. The robes were done in a similar fashion, blending through from Khorne Red via Wazdakka Red to Squig Orange. There's also a wash of Carroburg Crimson in there just to make sure everything stays as a red tone and not orange. Purity seals etc were done in a different red with Mephiston Red washed with Agraz Earthshade and then Evil Sunz Scarlet  and Wild Rider Red to pick out the detail.

Golds are done in my usual style with Balthasar Gold then Gehenna's Gold, but to tie these in to the rest of the model I've given them a wash of Carroburg Crimson, which deepens the tone nicely.

Going back a bit, this pic shows better the blending on the armour, and it also shows off the Crux Terminatus, which is painted with a base layer of Zandri Dust, then Ushabti Bone and finally Screaming Skull.

I'm very pleased how this guy turned out in the end, and I've even decided to use similar blending techniques on my own 3rd company captain for the Dusk Knights.

Screamers - commission from Fresh from the Warp

These guys are proving to be a real slog at the moment, thanks to the truly hideous number of spines they each have! The models came to me having been airbrushed blue already, and some discussion with the client led to the style with funky green eyes and black scales. To be honest, once I can get through the spines, there's not a huge amount of work to do on them, it's just a bit monotonous at the moment!

Screamers & Fateweaver - commission from Siph at the Weemen Blog

Ok, so having slogged my way through 9 screamers in blue and pink, I've got another 6 to do! Siph contacted me about doing Fateweaver for him and knowing that Rob at 30kplus40k had done some daemons for him already in unusual colours, I saw it as a good opportunity to try something different myself. The feathered parts of the wings are central to the scheme, and are done using a base coat of Rhinox Hide, then highlighted up using Doombull Brown, Squig Orange then Kindleflame, with a final drybrush of Ryza Rust. At this point, I've not really done much work on the rest of the model, so the blue tabard (which isn't actually blue) only has the base layer on and the skin has been flesh shaded over Rakarth Flesh.

My own projects
Whilst I'm making March my month to progress my commission projects, I have also squeezed in some stuff for myself. Last week you saw I'd built some devastator centurions, and this week I've added some more projects to my own pile once the commission stuff is complete.

First, we have Epistolary Aquilino, I discovered this gap in my librarius last week when I realised I didn't have a libby with a jump pack, and needed one for my game against the Tau (see end of the post for a recap!). Given that the Captain of the Third is pretty much an unadorned and very simple model, I wanted to contrast him with his advisor, so I really went to town adding lots of detail to the libby model.

I mainly used Templar bits (it's a personal fave of mine to make librarians out of Black Templar parts) though his Force Sword is a Blood Angels Glaive Encarmine. I've equipped this guy with the bones of Osrak as a piece of wargear, so he's even got a little reliquary strapped to his belt at the back.

I've just realised I've mentioned the Captain of the Third a couple of times now but haven't posted pics up yet - so here he is, Captain Iago of the Crusade Company of the Dusk Knights, often seen fighting alongside the 4th Company they are hyper aggressive combatants, always eager to close the distance to the foe and fight up close and personal.
He's nowhere near finished yet but you can see the contrast between the simple lines of this guy and the more complex outline of the librarian, they should look pretty cool together once they're both finished!

Finally, in response to another upcoming game this week, I've decided that I could do with constructing an assault squad. For now, they'll just be 5 plain marines - it's a 1250pt game and I decided to try and run a Sternhammer so I need to go upgrade light and keep the squads small to fit everything in!

I do have a pic of them, but it's so very black on black that you can barely make out any details, so I'll save that one for you for next week!

- - - - -

So, I mentioned the game I played on Thursday - this was the first game for my new list and having gone into minute detail about why I had chosen to include the units I had, I felt a certain amount of pressure that it needs to prove itself pretty successful on the tabletop!

So its first game was going to be against Tau from the Farsight Enclaves. Oh good! 

Actually it's not quite as bad as it sounds, my opponent brought no forgeworld evil in his selection of the greater good, and also used the Hunter Cadre as the basis of the force rather than the retaliation cadre.

From memory, his list was basically a commander with fusion blades, and 3 bodyguard crisis suits with fusion blasters, a ghostkeel, a riptide with heavy burst cannon, a single broadside, one unit of breachers and two of strikers with a cadre fireblade, plus a unit of 4 drones, then the drone net formation on top of that.

Ok so tank hunters on my centurions would be useless, that's a good start, haha!

Turn 1 went ok, my tactical squads dropped in and did some damage, whilst the centurions ventilated the broadside in a hail of las and missile fire.

The return fire was punishing (as you'd expect getting that close to Tau I suppose) and I watched despairingly as my full tactical squad disappeared, closely followed by three of my smaller flamer squad. Well over 20% of my force gone in one go, this was going to be difficult!

Still, I stuck to the philosophy of playing the objectives and damaging what I could once that was achieved. My libby kept the vanguard veterans nicely invisible (and yes, I did draw harness the warp so his inclusion was worthwhile), so they advanced a bit into the midfield. The Tau Commander and his team dropped in behind them, surviving the dangerous terrain test for scattering into a ruin, and they promptly dropped two of the centurions before taking two wounds to dangerous terrain as they reorganised using their jetpacks. The vanguard responded emphatically, and even though the librarian's psychic shriek failed to do any damage (I rolled a triple '2') the vanguard dropped some of the team with their pistol fire, and the libby challenged the Tau commander in single combat. Thankfully I'd already checked and he wasn't wearing iridium armour (I'd have taken the challenge with the vet sergeant if he had been!) so the librarian's force sword struck out and ended him quickly. That one unit was a huge points sink to my opponent though, and once it was gone (and the riptide still hadn't arrived from reserve having been put there because of the threat of the centurions and the grav/sternguard squads) I had a comfortable advantage. The vanguard and stormhawk whittled the strike teams down (ok, the vanguard wrecked one in one turn with their charge) and my two remaining tactical marines charged the breachers, surviving overwatch before one fell in the first turn of combat - the remaining warrior held off 4 breachers and a drone for several turns, before finally winning a combat round with a single casualty, then running down the enemy as they fled. He then went on to secure me an objective in the following turn before getting cut down by fire from the fireblade's squad.

The sternguard did a nice number on the ghostkeel (getting inside its double-cover distance is significant in terms of hurting it and Cal had already used its holophoton countermeasures in a previous turn) which was then finished off by the last centurion, and everything then turned its attentions to the riptide, which went down in an attempted blaze of glory that overcharged its nova reactor and sent it critical.

In the final analysis, I had kept up the pressure on my opponent all through the game, using my deploying units to get a table foothold before dropping in the pod units where they would be most effective. I had anticipated doing more damage to the breacher squad before they got to fire back to be honest, and was more than a little perturbed after the Tau turn 1 shooting, but by keeping my focus on my cards and discarding anything I hadn't achieved and couldn't say I definitely would get the next turn, I managed to keep scoring through the game.

Final Score? Almost irrelevant really given my opponent only had marker drones left on the table, but it finished 19-3 in my favour.

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