Monday, 6 March 2017

Hobby update - commission work begins in earnest!

Hi all, welcome once more to the little window into my hobby world, where I cast a light on my painting station and what wonders lie on it at the moment, haha!

This week marks the first hobby update where I'm looking at my commission painting. I've got a few projects on the go at the moment so I've decided to focus mainly on them this month.

Before we get to that though, let's just cover off the finished stuff on the Dusk Knight side of things, and I've a little progress on the cult project too!

First up, the Vanguard Veterans. They're now all done and blended really pleased with how they turned out and I'm looking forward to adding yet more to the unit in the future, alongside doing some honour guard to match!

Can't remember if I've featured these already, but this is the finished command squad, with apothecary and 4 plasma guns. The weapons are all magnetised so that I can use different options in other games.

The first scout squad - half a dozen snipers, they may be more effective in larger units but I've got another 6 in the queue once I get round to them!

Ok, so that's the Dusk Knights, what progress have I made on commission stuff?

First up is the first screamer of a squad of nine - in this case my commissioner had already sprayed the blue basecoats on the models and wanted me to add in the detail work. We decided to throw in some splashes of pink to match the traditional colours of tzeentch, and the rest would be done with varying patterns, almost like dinosaur skin.

For anyone contemplating painting screamers there are a lot(!) of spines on them. Each coat here takes 20-30 minutes and there's three of them!

These are the rest of the squad - the colour has been thrown off by the lighting at work so they look a lot more pastel than they are in real life. You can see though how each has a distinctive colouration pattern.

From a different commissioner we have fateweaver - the old version. He came to me still on the sprue so last night I spent some time putting him together. the foot on the right of this picture was a little twisted (urgh, finecast) so he's now had that splinted (ok, bathed in boiling water and straightened) and can stand up properly.

Finally we have the terminator librarian - this one is getting close to being finished now with just a few armour highlights and some layering details to go, plus the base of course!

Right, what else is in the works?

Well, first up this little fella!

Having written a while back about Queek being the inspiration for me joining the hobby I figured it was only fair for me to get hold of the current version of the model. I'm looking forward to painting him up and potentially using him in some games of Warhammer Quest. Beyond that - he's mainly just around for the fun of painting and owning the model.

Here's my test scheme for the Kindred of Malebolgia - this photo washes the colours out a little, the red is very much more red than pink! I was really pleased with this as the basis for the scheme though, so much so I've picked up a pot of Khorne Red air to get the base layers laid down on the first curse and their allies.

Finally this week, we have a little heavy firepower joining the ranks of the Dusk Knights. These guys are actually a payment in kind from a friend so don't break my rule of not buying any 40k stuff in the first 6 months of the year! Look out for an article on Wednesday detailing my revised plans for the Dusk Knights, which include these guys as my fire base. After this photo I managed to get them undercoated and based up so if the commission painting goes well you may see some paint on them sooner rather than later - I'm hoping to test out the new list this week at club!

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