Tuesday, 11 April 2017

March review

Blog aims.
  • Continue to post at or above 2016 levels, when I achieved 153 blog posts.
March calmed down a little bit for me in the posting stakes, though I still managed 18 posts in the month. The reduction was mainly down to my busy last week however, so a blip it most certainly was and I'm not worried that I've burnt myself out with my posting schedule.
  • Reinstate/create some regular features, including Funny Friday, and possibly we'll see a return of 'The Adept' and his take on 40k's particular style.
The regular features are continuing, and I've got a little idea formulating in my head for a new series coming up too.
  • Achieve over 20,000 views in at least 1 month of the year, and aim to average over 18,000 views per month.
I dipped just a little bit below my 18,000 average target this month, but that's ok since I smashed it by so much last time. It's also not surprising that the viewing figures dropped a little since I had a quiet week of publishing nothing.
  • Continue to promote adsense on the blog, and actually get paid by google!
I finally did it! Just over four years I think it took, but my earnings from Google finally tipped over the magic £60 mark. Now I need to just wait for Google to actually cough up the money! I have my eye on something to spend the cash on too, hopefully you'll all agree it'll be worth it.
  • Feature a narrative campaign series of battle reports using the Dusk Knights.
Golovin 3 saw some decent exposure - Golovin 4 will see us boosting our armies up to 1500pts, and hopefully will feature my new city board terrain too!
  • Promote a more 'feature/spotlight' style of photography post when I finish painting a unit.
Unfortunately, most of the stuff I've been painting this month has remained unfinished up to this point, though I have delivered the first batch of Screamers and picked up a big pile of flesh hounds to work on. I hope you all like red!
    Personal hobby aims.
    • Buy no new 40k miniatures in the first half of the year (excluding those I've already committed to, which comprise a chimera, guardsman squad, and 12-14 genestealers).
    March was successful as I only bought paints, and though I'm teetering very much on the edge of buying some more figures this month, they'll be for something other than 40k, so that would still technically be a pass.
    • Expand on commission painting services, getting a more formal structure in place.
    I picked up another commission in March, and though I haven't managed to complete quite as much as I'd hoped this month, things are coming along nicely for a bulk completion!
    • Buy the Dwarf Bloodbowl team, including a Deathroller.
    Not yet - it will be a while due to funding issues I've already mentioned.
    • Continue to paint/build 300pts per month on average.
    Just crept over the finishing line on this one, though hopefully things will pick up again next month.
    • Complete my first formation for the Genestealer Cult - the First Curse.
    I have enough models to get cracking on this now . I've already tried out a new test scheme that should work well on both the genestealer cult models and the guard stuff I want to accompany them.
    • Finish painting 1000pts of Emperor's Children
    Still a way off - I may look to get more of this done in April, after my March commission month.
    • Begin the repainting of the Tau, at least 6 units to be complete by the end of the year.
    Well the majority of the Tau have been sold, so it only remains to figure out the new paintscheme and get cracking on the bits I have left eh?
    • Begin using an airbrush to increase the speed of my painting.
    Ive now had a couple of attempts with an airbrush, the second being much more successful than the first. I think it will almost certainly always be a tool for undercoating to me given the final appearance of models using an airbrush for their finish, a lot of the really smooth blends just don't quite sit right with me in the grim dark far future..
    • Complete building my gaming table/storage space to enable battle reports on the GDB blog.
    Well the table itself is now finished (well, a few more bits to do but close enough to actually use to hold games on!)
      Gaming aims
      • Beat Ryan more often than I lose to him.
      Erm, yeah, I lost March's narrative game to Ryan too, I'm way behind now, so need to get cracking on racking up a winning streak!
      • Achieve a 60+% win rate with the Dusk Knights.
      March was a good month for the boys in blue, winning 3 games in exchange for just a single loss.
      • Achieve a 50+% win rate with the Obsidian Enclave.
      I'm going to delete this one off the list now since the Tau have been sold and won't be back for a while.
      • Get into the playoffs of MAD League 3 Bloodbowl.
      Didn't play bloodbowl this month, I'm still waiting for others in the league to catch up as I'm several games ahead of most players.
      • Develop a consistently successful list for use with the Dusk Knights
      Well March has really seen the establishment of this - at 1500pts my new lists has a played 2, won 2 record, with its 1250 derivative looking equally as solid in a victory in Capture the Squig
      • Place in the top half of two different tournaments.
      Haven't been to a tournament yet this year, though I have now bought a ticket for the Greetings from the Warp doubles event in June. The Dusk Knights will be pairing up with the Deathwatch for this event, and our first practice (using 750 per person against a 1500 list) saw an admittedly non competitive guard list tabled on turn 3 (effectively tabled by T2, it was just a case of taking out 3 guard infantry and a wounded chimera).

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