Monday, 24 July 2017

Hobby update - 24/7/17 - finishing some projects off!

Greetings all - it's a personality flaw I guess, but being a hobby butterfly to the extent that I am often means that I don't get to finish units off as much as I would like to - I get distracted by the new shiny instead and a unit will sit in my painting box 75%+ finished but no longer getting any attention.

So, last week, I decided to get a grip on myself (no, not like that) and knuckle down to finish some of the units I have lying around half-painted.

I'm pleased to say that the stern talking I gave myself was a success, though I did have to go and sit in my room and sulk for a bit at first.

So, without further ado, here are a few things I've managed to get to completion (or in one case, completion except for basing because I've got more to do and I want them to be consistent).

So, starting with some commission stuff - a squad of Plague bearers (strictly speaking not quite finished, the heads carried by the champion need finishing off, and this is the squad whose bases will wait for the rest of the commission.

I had great fun with this squad, trying a few things I've not done before, like the Nihilakh Oxide on the bronze details, and I also picked up some Nurgle's Rot to use on the open wounds - it doesn't show up in the photos but that stuff is great to use!

Then I went back to work on the Swords of Dawn stuff I showed off last week. First up was the Librarian.

This guy also was great fun to do, and actually he got painted far quicker than any mini I've done for a while because it's such a nice figure to work on - I've heard others have had trouble assembling this model, but to be honest I had no problems with mine at all - a little fiddly perhaps, but nothing compared to some of the models I've built!

And finally (and it really does feel like FINALLY) I got the Hellblasters finished too - I may have just been dong little bits here and there, but this squad really does feel like I've spent a lifetime slogging away at it. Shame really because the models are nice and the painting wasn't complicated by any measure.

This coming week then I think my focii will be:

Building and getting started on the next part of the commission (Bloodcrushers) and cracking on with my Dusk Knights standard list - there's a couple of units that I'm now going to be using with the Dusk Knights farm more regularly so they just became quite a high priority for me to get painted. In particular this is the missile launcher devastators and my second contemptor. Also, expect to see a bit more scenery as I look to try and get some more cargo containers done for the Grim Dark Brotherhood.

Till next time!