Monday, 31 July 2017

Hobby update 31/7/17 - Progress rocketing along!

Greetings all - it's that time again where I generously grant you a quick peek into my painting pile! This week, with the advent of the new space marine codex and having finally settled onto a 2000pt standard list following extended unit testing I've been going back to the dusk knights to get that list up to scratch. More after the break!

Thankfully, there's actually not too much that needs doing to get me up to that magical 2k level. The most significant parts are the missile launcher devastators, which are currently each in several separate pieces on my painting table, and that has made me very uncomfortable in my last couple of games. Nothing looks better on the table than two fully painted lists going hammer and tongs at each other over fully painted scenery, so to have only partially built models in my army makes me feel a bit guilty.

Here's phase 1 of the next part of the Dusk Knights project then!


My first focus was to get the missile launchers themselves up to a painted standard so that they can be attached to the bodies above. That meant painting some rocket contrails, which was lots of fun.

Once that was done I was able to attach the arms to the models - I'm already feeling much better about these guys, but am hoping to get them completely finished in the next day or two, along with their sergeant who you can see at the back, converted from an old veteran sergeant special edition model by the addition of the devastator sergeant backpack.

This was the 2000pt list I took to my last game on Thursday. As I'm sure many of you marine players out there will have discovered, assault cannons have made a big comeback this edition, and with two razorbacks (the rhino is a proxy awaiting some more money to buy a second ac turret from forgeworld), the stormhawk and the two contemptors, this list can kick out 48 assault cannon shots per turn.

I've refined and tweaked this list from this point, so watch out for a few extra vanguard veterans hitting the table (I say extra, I'm losing the foot squad and adding some more jump pack guys)

On Saturday, these arrived (thank you element games - see the ad on the blog if you want to order anything from them - they offer a good discount on GW stuff and there's also a reasonable threshold for free postage).

I've not read all the way through it yet, but there's certainly lots of interesting stuff in there - I'll be using the Imperial Fists chapter tactics as I like including Pedro Kantor in my army. I know a lot of people think their tactics are a bit lacklustre, but in the games I've had, there have been plenty of units claiming cover saves that now won't be able to - something I'm very happy with.

The points changes and abilities included in the book also mean that there's plenty more on the list for me to re-test or test from scratch - my terminator squad got quite a bit cheaper, so that version of my list could do with being looked at again!

Till next time!