Monday, 3 July 2017

Hobby update 3/7/17 - The Dusk Knights muster

Greetings all! Welcome into the depths of my hobby desk once more.

This week I've mainly been working on my marine models - getting a few bits up to scratch to get them on the table.
First up, some vehicles. I've been working on a rhino and a predator. These are now up to the penultimate stage, with just edge highlighting and weathering to apply.

Having tested out both of these beauties under 8th edition rules, my next addition to the Dusk Knights will be a Razorback with twin assault cannons. Whilst it has lost rending, I think the additional shots you get from a twin assault cannon probably see it as the most improved marine weapon under 8th ed rules, and with the right characters nearby it has the potential to be devastating.

Last week I had a 2000pt game planned. Now it may not have gone quite as I'd liked, I was wiped off the table by my Chaos opponent, however whilst the actual casualties I inflicted were minimal, I can fall back a little bit on the fact that most of his stuff (daemon prince, knight, scorpius whirlwind etc) was down to its last wound or two.

Writing the list for that game however I decided to try and work it out visually to start with. That meant getting all of the Dusk Knight on the table together. Which looks something like this!

I was pretty impressed by that, and chose this little selection for the game itself.

I'll definitely be looking to take more assault troops this edition I feel, so decided to get a little work in on 5 assault marines, who were masquerading in our game as vanguard veterans.

Finally this week, I've made quite a lot of progress on my Gravis Captain. You may have seen him elsewhere on my instagram or reddit feeds, but here he is again for the sake of record.

I'm hoping to get him finished this week, then I'll be combining time on the Swords of Dawn with some more work on my commission stuff, mainly Nurgle at the moment.

Till next time,

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