Monday, 14 August 2017

Hobby update 14/8/17 - Everything looks blue, plus an announcement

Greetings all - welcome once more to my weekly look at the stuff on my hobby table. At the moment, in amongst working on commission stuff I'm trying hard to get the Dusk Knights into a place where I can field fully painted armies in my games once more - thanks 8th! More after the break.

Right, so first things first shall we? Before I get cracking onto the painting update, I have a bit of an announcement to make - the eagle-eyed among you may have already noticed, but the burning eye is now also on twitter! Follow me on @theburningeye40 if you are so inclined! And please, feel free to suggest your own accounts to me to have a look at.

Ok, so on to the painting! Last week I had some very early stage pictures for you to look at, well I'm pleased to say that things have come on quite a bit from there.

Missile Launcher devastators

These guys have come a long way, and even though I'm tweaking my standard list a bit to take a couple of them out, I still want the squad finished. Mainly we're now just needing highlights, chapter badges etc on these guys.

Contemptor Dreadnought - Honoured Fausto

This contemptor has been sat in my collection for months and months, not getting the attention it deserved as in 7th edition I felt it was a little underwhelming. Well, underwhelming it certainly is not any more! Hard as nails and with good output in both the shooting and combat phases, the contemptor really does deliver in 8th edition, and is very good value too, an no slouch in terms of speed across the ground either.

Vanguard Veterans

Well I've not been batch painting these guys particularly, even if I did do their weapons all together. This fella however is just about finished, just a couple of little details to add to the basing materials and some weathering and he'll move across to the finished cabinet!

If you're wondering where the cape came from, it's from Anvil Industry, an awesome company that not only make their own game and minis range, but also does lots of cool conversion bits. These capes were excellent value, needed no flash removal when they arrived, nor a bath to get rid of the release agent - top work chaps!

Plasma devastators

Well these guys are still headless sadly, but at least now their armour has a decent basecoat of blue on it at last - again these guys have been sat needing attention for a very long time so it gives me quite a good warm feeling inside to be getting them moving again.

The 'to do' pile up next.

Wow, I sat down last night to try and get some serious progress on the unpainted elements of my 2000pt list, plus another little side project you'll hear about soon. Quite the sea of primer!

By the end of the night, everything had its blue basecoat done, and my pot of Kantor Blue had taken a right hammering! I'd also got the larger silver areas done on the devastator weapons, and the razorback tracks and engine exhausts.

So there you have it - an up-to-date look at the current state of my Dusk Knights incomplete pile (well, some of it anyway)