Monday, 28 August 2017

Hobby update - 28/7/17 - Sheer devastation

Greetings all! Well I've got a massive picture dump for you this week! I got some stuff on the finished bench last week and there's loads more progress this week too for you to enjoy! Compliments gratefully received!

First up let's have a look at the next four vanguard veterans shall we?

Then I moved on to some rather more static stuff, with my favourite heavy weapon (favourite, not the one I think is most effective)

You know when someone mentions something that you then can't unsee? Yeah, that's how this pic came about!

All the devastators!

Some more shots of the plasma devastators when they got finished except for weathering, which I'll do in a batch with some other stuff.

Then I moved on to finish the most versatile of the devastators - the missile launchers

The last of my devastator sergeants (for now, still got to build one for the heavy bolter unit)

Then I changed things up a bit - I've got some daemons to do on commission at the moment, so expect to see more of these guys this week.

Then I put a few finishing touches to the vanguard veterans.

then at the end of the week, I decided to have a quick look back at my collection - I think it's pretty cathartic every so often to have a look back at your collection to see how you're getting on - we can all easily get focused on getting the grey pile reduced, or bothered about getting that next unit finished for that next game, so every so often I like to get the whole army out and take a few pictures to remind myself where I've come from and what I've achieved.

Almost 5000pts of marines

Till next time - hopefully then I'll have something not-blue for you to have a look at!

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